Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Hello! Just wanted to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and new year. I have been a little quiet lately - there's been nothing new from me for quite a while. This is due to many things - work and my social life have been busy. However I've also been learning a new skill and I have big plans for an exciting new project. I'd love to tell more but I am keeping it quiet for the moment.

So what about my current projects? Well I have been working on both the next episode of Pleasantview and the final part of Nostonia. I plan to have one or the other released in January. I know many people have been itching to see another Pleasantview as soon as possible, so I'm sorry to make you wait. I'll let you know that in 3.4 we will be watching the following characters: Daniel, Nina, Angela, Beau, Dustin, Gordon King, Dirk and Darren. We also see a special appearance from Goopy and another character (who I won't reveal). I'll leave it up to you to decide what may occur ;)

In the mean time, you might like to read my story about Dina and Mortimer's Honeymoon here if you haven't already - it is absolutely relevant to the story. I've also re-opened my polls, so if you haven't voted yet please feel free.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pleasantview 3.3 released!

I have released episode 3.3 of Pleasantview - 'Revelations'. In this episode we visit the Pleasants and more is revealed about the turbulent relationship between twins Angela and Lilith. Angela has never forgiven her sister for 'stealing' her boyfriend and has colluded with Dirk Dreamer to seek revenge. Dirk and Angela have recently concocted a plan; but do Lilith and Dustin have any clue?

We also learn more about Mary-Sue's career aspirations this ep. Daniel and Mary-Sue have become increasingly distant, as signified by Daniel's affair with the maid! But, do we see Daniel making an effort to make amends this episode?

Dina makes some revelations to Brandi too, although she barely seems to notice that Brandi is going through her own major issues. Not the least of which is the possiblity her eldest son is knowingly consorting with criminals!

Feel free to share your predictions about where you think the story is going - it's always fun ;) Also, feel free to vote on the Pleasantview poll - do you think you know who the father of Dina's baby is?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pleasantview updates

Pleasantview 3.3 is on its way, it's called 'Revelations' as some characters reveal their secrets, and their ambitions in this episode. Here's the poster:

So, we visit the Brokes and the Pleasants in this episode and there are tensions in both households.

*Edit* I was very tired when I wrote this blog and I forgot to add the poll! As you can see I have added a poll in which you can have your say on who you think the father of Dina's child will be - should be fun :) You can change your vote at any time. We will also see Dina in this episode as she 'pops' in to visit her friend Brandi Broke to show her some photos of her wedding and honeymoon ;) If you're still wondering who Dion is, you can find out by reading my Story about Dina and Mortimer's honeymoon, click here to go to the story.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

3.2 finally released!

Yes I have finally realeased Pleasantview 3.2 "For Art's Sake". This turned out to be quite a lengthy episode, about 12mins, so I had to divide it in two for youtube. You can, of course, watch it whole by downloading the episode off my website.

So ... what did you all think? I really enjoyed writing and making this episode due to the various twists and turns in it. People are already speculating about Brandi's comments about visiting her children's father. And I'm glad people have also noted the theft of a painting during Darren's exhibition launch - does everyone recognise Jessica Ebadi as the annoying burgular who would steal your simmies most prized possessions? But ... what will be the consequences of this grand theft for poor Dustin?

Feel free to comment!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Some updates

I have been working on Pleasantview 3.2 and I now have the poster ready:

In this episode we will visit a few households including: Don Lothario, the Dreamers and the Brokes. We also take a trip Downtown to see the first art exhibition for Darren. Will it be a success? Will Cassandra attend? I hope to have the epsiode released in 1-2 weeks.

I have also updated my 'Five Favourites' page with a great series by Berrypie called 'The Misfortunes of Kate'. I highly recommend watching this series.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pleasantview Season Three

Season three of my Pleasantview soap opera has finally started with the release of 3.1 'Family Ties' now available for viewing.

I am going to talk about the episode a little now, so if you don't want to read any spoilers come back to my blog after you've seen it. In this epsiode we see that Mortimer has sent Alex away to boarding school as a way of hopefully solving the 'delusions' he is under about his mother being alive and well somewhere in Pleasantview. Obviously Dina was very happy about the decision and reassures Mortimer that it was the right thing to do. We also see Dina embark on her new business venture with Macolm Landgraab IV. But will Dina's surprise pregnancy put a stop to the club's success? Obviously her main worry is the unborn child's paternity - Mortimer is not necessarily the father, both Don and Dion are possibilities (see 'Dina & Mortimer's Honeymoon - A Story' to find out more). Cassandra, on the other hand, is quite bright and cheery in this episode. She has moved into her new apartment, and is finally living away from her new step-mother. The apartment's state of disrepair is not a problem for Cassandra, she is actually looking forward to the challenge of renovating it to her liking. You will see the apartment remodeled in future ep's. I know that many people will like the furniture and decorative items in Cassandra's apartment - these were largely made by Adele. If you are interested in her stuff you can find it at mod the sims here.

It's good to finally release Season three. I've had many messages and emails asking about it. This is going to be a very long season though - 12 episodes in total! I just couldn't reduce the story into fewer episodes, so it'll be a long winter in Pleasantview. I have only written 4 seasons for the series, and then it is supposed to finish for good. But I am toying with the idea of writing another 'year', as it is a lot of fun with these characters.

I have also been playing around a fair bit with the sims 3. I am considering a series based on Sunset Valley, but I have to say that the story there is not anywhere as interesting as the story found in the sims 2. It's also very difficult to produce any quality machinima with it at the moment, due to the lack of hacks avaliable. But I might produce a little something just for fun very soon ;)

Finally a quick word on Nostonia. I have started the final episode, thanks again to everyone for voting on my poll - it was very interesting to watch. I will take my time making this episode though as I want it to be my best work yet. But you can expect its release within the next month.

Phew! A long post this time. Well that's it for now - let me know what you think about the start of Season three. Thanks for watching!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's on its way!

Yep, my next ep for season three is almost ready for release, so watch this space over the next week! Episode 3.1 focuses on the Goths and their 'family' issues and production is sailing along.

In other news I have updated my five favourites page with an oldie from Britannica Dreams. It's called 'The Snow Witch' and is absolutely beautiful to watch so check it out. I have also added a little ad to my new release page. It is a small ad I created for Machinima.Tv which is a great place to watch machinima on the weekends. It has a forum too, which I highly recommend joining if you're interested in creating or watching machinima, you can find it here: feel free to join up, people are very friendly there.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A pleasant story!

Hi everyone!

I haven't been very active lately for a variety of reasons, one of which is to do with the sims 3. Yes I did buy it, but I am having some rather annoying graphical issues, and it's too annoying to play yet (you can see what I mean by watching my latest vid on my youtube account).

Obviously I do intend to make movies with the sims 3 eventually, however, I am still very much committed to Nostonia and Pleasantview - I fully intend to finish these. Nostonia has one more episode only, and obviously the murderer will be revealed. Thanks to everyone who has voted on my poll, it's been really interesting for me to watch. If you haven't voted yet, or you want to change your vote you better get in quick because the poll is about to close.

So, onto Pleasantview. I've had a lot of enquiries about my soap opera and if and when I'll be releasing Season Three. Well I am absolutely releasing Season Three ASAP! Yes Pleasantview 3.1 is finally in production. In the meantime, I whipped up a saucy little story about Mortimer and Dina's Honeymoon. All of the information in the story will be relevant to future episodes in the series. The story does have some mild nudity however, so it's not really recommended for people below age 15, or those who are easily offended. But if you're ok to read it then clicky here. Here's a pretty pic from the story:

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nostonia Part 7 Release

Well, here it is! I have finally released my second-last episode to the series. Just click on my 'New Release' page. As promised, in this episode we see Daniel and Dr James partake in a little adventure - in which Daniel comes to some conclusions about the past. This ep has some unsavoury images, and if you are an arachnophobe you should be warned! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy :) oh, and don't forget to vote on my poll.

Pleasantview fans - there will be something along soon to whet your appetites ;)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Who Murdered Nicholas Von Brukenthal?

I am currently working on Part 7 of Nostonia, which is the second last epsiode before the grand finale! I thought it would be fun to add a poll on my blog (look right) in which you are welcome to vote for who you think the murderer is. You are allowed to change your vote, but you are unable to have multiple votes.
I am hoping to have Part 7 released within 2-3 weeks. In the mean time, I have a few pics to whet the appetite:

As you can see, Daniel and Dr James go on a little adventure!
Remember to vote - you can change it at any time!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pleasantview Season Finale Released!

Yes I have finally released Pleasantview 2.8 - it's already had a lot of responses on youtube and it's now available for download on my site.

If you haven't seen it yet I suggest you don't read any further until you do ;)

It seems that a lot of people are happy with the way season 2 ended. I really wanted it to finish with two dramatic events. One of course was Brandi going into "labour". So what gender will the baby be be? I'm sure most of us know the answer to that. The second major event was Bella! But of course Alex was the only one who saw her, so was she really there, or just a figment of his imagination? Anyway, I really enjoyed filming the last part of this episode as I could build up the tension with the sound of the helicopter and the rush for Mortimer to leave and not sort out this mess with his son.

Quite a few people have asked me about season 3 already! Of course there will be another season, but I'm going to focus on Nostonia for a while. However, I do plan on making a story about Dina and Mortimer's honeymoon and posting it on my site - it will have information that is relevant to the storyline in season 3, so keep a look out for it.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pleasantview Season Finale Out Soon!

Yes indeed the finale to Season Two of my 'Pleasantview' soap opera will be released very soon. As you would probably realise by now, it is all about Mortimer and Dina's wedding. It's is a huge event and my computer was put to the test in a big way due to the amount of sims I tried to have in the one lot! I experienced a few crashes in the making of this. So I thought I'd share some preview pics with you -

Here's poor old Mortimer looking a little nervous before the arrival of his bride.

Some high profile guests were invited to the wedding.

Alexander and Cassandra are none too happy about it, but try to support their father.

Dina makes her way up the aisle.

So there you have it, a sneek peak - let me know what you think of the pics by leaving a comment!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Site Updates

Some of you have noticed some funny things occurring on my site. This is because I've had some issues with loading pics - but hopefully it's all sorted out now.

So I have made some changes recently. Be sure to check out the new addition to my 'Five Favourites' page - I've added a great series called 'Cold Feet' by PennyLane. I know most of you will really enjoy it!

I've had a lot of queries about 'Pleasantview' and when the next episode is to be released. I am working on it at the moment, but it is a big set, as Mortimer and Dina's wedding is a BIG deal! So it is going to take me quite a while to film - sorry guys.

People have also been asking about whether there will be a season 3 of 'Pleasantview'. All up there are 4 seasons, so we have two more seasons to go before the end. I hope to have all 4 seasons finished this year as I want to do some stuff with the sims 3 when it comes out.

I'll have more news about 'Nostonia' next post - but rest assured I am working on that too!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Welcome to my new blog look!

Hello! This is my brand new blog. I decided to move to a blogging feature like this to enable interested viewers to respond immediately to new releases, if of course they felt the need! I wrote a blog, on my old blogging system very recently and I will include it here. Feel free to respond with a comment.

This week I have released two new episodes, one of each of my series 'Pleasantview' and 'Nostonia'.

'Pleasantview' has just one more episode for season two, so next ep will be the season finale. Obviously there will be a wedding involved, and I'm sure you can guess whose!

'Nostonia' has eight episodes all up, so next episode will be the penultimate - it will also be a little more action focused than previous episodes.