Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pleasantview Season Three

Season three of my Pleasantview soap opera has finally started with the release of 3.1 'Family Ties' now available for viewing.

I am going to talk about the episode a little now, so if you don't want to read any spoilers come back to my blog after you've seen it. In this epsiode we see that Mortimer has sent Alex away to boarding school as a way of hopefully solving the 'delusions' he is under about his mother being alive and well somewhere in Pleasantview. Obviously Dina was very happy about the decision and reassures Mortimer that it was the right thing to do. We also see Dina embark on her new business venture with Macolm Landgraab IV. But will Dina's surprise pregnancy put a stop to the club's success? Obviously her main worry is the unborn child's paternity - Mortimer is not necessarily the father, both Don and Dion are possibilities (see 'Dina & Mortimer's Honeymoon - A Story' to find out more). Cassandra, on the other hand, is quite bright and cheery in this episode. She has moved into her new apartment, and is finally living away from her new step-mother. The apartment's state of disrepair is not a problem for Cassandra, she is actually looking forward to the challenge of renovating it to her liking. You will see the apartment remodeled in future ep's. I know that many people will like the furniture and decorative items in Cassandra's apartment - these were largely made by Adele. If you are interested in her stuff you can find it at mod the sims here.

It's good to finally release Season three. I've had many messages and emails asking about it. This is going to be a very long season though - 12 episodes in total! I just couldn't reduce the story into fewer episodes, so it'll be a long winter in Pleasantview. I have only written 4 seasons for the series, and then it is supposed to finish for good. But I am toying with the idea of writing another 'year', as it is a lot of fun with these characters.

I have also been playing around a fair bit with the sims 3. I am considering a series based on Sunset Valley, but I have to say that the story there is not anywhere as interesting as the story found in the sims 2. It's also very difficult to produce any quality machinima with it at the moment, due to the lack of hacks avaliable. But I might produce a little something just for fun very soon ;)

Finally a quick word on Nostonia. I have started the final episode, thanks again to everyone for voting on my poll - it was very interesting to watch. I will take my time making this episode though as I want it to be my best work yet. But you can expect its release within the next month.

Phew! A long post this time. Well that's it for now - let me know what you think about the start of Season three. Thanks for watching!