Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pleasantview updates

Pleasantview 3.3 is on its way, it's called 'Revelations' as some characters reveal their secrets, and their ambitions in this episode. Here's the poster:

So, we visit the Brokes and the Pleasants in this episode and there are tensions in both households.

*Edit* I was very tired when I wrote this blog and I forgot to add the poll! As you can see I have added a poll in which you can have your say on who you think the father of Dina's child will be - should be fun :) You can change your vote at any time. We will also see Dina in this episode as she 'pops' in to visit her friend Brandi Broke to show her some photos of her wedding and honeymoon ;) If you're still wondering who Dion is, you can find out by reading my Story about Dina and Mortimer's honeymoon, click here to go to the story.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

3.2 finally released!

Yes I have finally realeased Pleasantview 3.2 "For Art's Sake". This turned out to be quite a lengthy episode, about 12mins, so I had to divide it in two for youtube. You can, of course, watch it whole by downloading the episode off my website.

So ... what did you all think? I really enjoyed writing and making this episode due to the various twists and turns in it. People are already speculating about Brandi's comments about visiting her children's father. And I'm glad people have also noted the theft of a painting during Darren's exhibition launch - does everyone recognise Jessica Ebadi as the annoying burgular who would steal your simmies most prized possessions? But ... what will be the consequences of this grand theft for poor Dustin?

Feel free to comment!