Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pleasantview 3.3 released!

I have released episode 3.3 of Pleasantview - 'Revelations'. In this episode we visit the Pleasants and more is revealed about the turbulent relationship between twins Angela and Lilith. Angela has never forgiven her sister for 'stealing' her boyfriend and has colluded with Dirk Dreamer to seek revenge. Dirk and Angela have recently concocted a plan; but do Lilith and Dustin have any clue?

We also learn more about Mary-Sue's career aspirations this ep. Daniel and Mary-Sue have become increasingly distant, as signified by Daniel's affair with the maid! But, do we see Daniel making an effort to make amends this episode?

Dina makes some revelations to Brandi too, although she barely seems to notice that Brandi is going through her own major issues. Not the least of which is the possiblity her eldest son is knowingly consorting with criminals!

Feel free to share your predictions about where you think the story is going - it's always fun ;) Also, feel free to vote on the Pleasantview poll - do you think you know who the father of Dina's baby is?