Saturday, February 6, 2010

New website design

I have finally finished my new look website! Well, I say "finished" but in fact it will always be a work in progress. I made this website from scratch using dreamweaver and I have learnt a lot about html, css and even a little about php! If it sounds like I'm speaking gobbledygook, just ignore me and check it out for yourself.

This new design has Pleasantview 1.4 available for streaming. All you have to do is navigate to the Pleasantview 1.4 page and you can watch it! Some of you may know that this episode was taken down from Youtube after someone complained about its content. So now it's readily available for viewing on my website.

In the future I plan to add more pages with tips for making machinima. I will also be adding some more stories to the Pleasantview 'stories' section. At the moment the only story available is 'Dina & Mortimer's Honeymoon', I'll reveal more about coming stories at a later date. First I plan to have a rest from web design and stick with finishing off Nostonia.

So be sure to check out the new look website. Let me know what you think :)


  1. Hi Doons :)
    Your new website is brilliant, I like it very much.
    Now I'm trying to see Pleasantview 1.4- it's from ages I want to see it ;)
    I hope you'll carry on with your stories, expecially with Pleasantview which is my favourite :)
    Have a nice week
    Giorgia from Italy

  2. Thanks Giorgia! Hopefully it will please a lot of people to finally see 1.4.

  3. :) I like the new website design. But Im curious about the Pleasantview stories. Are these lesser scenes that you couldn't do in the series? (Which is very good). Im hoping that you end the Nostonia series because it seems like it has carried on awhile and that Pleasantview 3.5 comes out this month. Whos Mary-Sue competing against in her campaign? Or do you want to surprise fans?

  4. The Pleasantview "stories" will include the already available 'Dina & Mortimer's Honeymoon', as well as something else (to be revealed later). When I finally get to finish season 3 of Pleasantview, I will be releasing a 'stand alone' movie. This movie will be relevant to the soap opera, but will also stand alone as a separate movie (rather than an episode).

    I am definitely ending Nostonia. I am currently working on the final episode - however, I will be releasing an updated trailer before the grand finale.

    I think you have asked about Mary-Sue's competition before intesine? Her competition isn't given attention in the series, so it's not really a consideration. I'm sorry if this disappoints. However, her campaign is a major theme in season 3. Thanks for the comments and questions as always :)

  5. I don't know if this is relevant to this blog, which it probably isn't so - sorry, however i was wondering... because i think you said a couple of months ago that you were "toying" with the idea of writing a fifth series of "Pleasantview." So my question was if you had decided on whether or not ther would be a fifth series.

    I also like the new web design aswell, much easier to access episodes :D.

  6. Thanks for the question MischeM6 :) Yes I did say that. I have indeed decided to include a 5th season, so Pleasantview will continue for quite a while yet.

    Thanks for the feedback about the website, I'm glad it's easier.