Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3.5 Released!

I have released Pleasantview 3.5 "Dilemmas Downtown".

This was a big job in terms of filming as most of the action take place on community lots and community lots are very difficult as anything can happen! You aren't necessarily in control of all the sims as they come and go. So after much swearing and cursing at unwelcome sims who would spoil an otherwise perfect shot, I managed to get it finished.

I think this is also the longest epsiode I have made for the Pleasantview series - it goes for just over 16 minutes. So when I put it up on youtube on the weekend I will have to divide it into two parts. At the moment it can be seen in full on my site.

This episode sees a range of dilemmas for a number of characters, including Dustin and Gordan, Dina and Nina, and of course Cassandra and Darren. One thing I like about this episode is that we finally get to see where the criminal 'headquarters' are - I've been dropping it into lines throughout the series, but this is the first time I have set a scene there.

Well, I hope you enjoy! Feel free to post any comments or questions :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Updates for Pleasantview and more

I have been soooooo busy lately! I know a few of you have sent emails and posted comments - I simply haven't replied because my life is chaos at the moment! Hopefully this blog post will answer some questions for you. I'm about to have some time off work so things will calm down, phew!

I plan to finish Pleasantview 3.5 very soon, so be sure to check back for the release date. I hope to have it on my site no later than next Tuesday. This episode is called "Dilemmas Downtown". It's no surprise then that the majority of the action takes place Downtown. A few characters will make an appearance in 3.5, including - Dustin, Gordon, Dina, Nina, Cassandra, Darren, Don and another character who I will keep under wraps for now ;) I have made a little montage of some images from the episode:

In other news I have also updated my 'Five Favourites' page on my website. I have added a beautiful film by Rupertcanada, and a totally intriguing vampire series by Crystalwitchery. These are thoroughly entertaining machinima and well worth your while.

That's it for now, watch this spot for more information :)