Sunday, November 14, 2010

Updates Galore!

I'm a woman of many projects!  Recently I've been wondering whether that's such a good thing and I'm sure many of you wonder the same!  I know there's a number of people who just wish I would focus on 'Pleasantview' and get it finished.  My projects at the moment include Pleasantview, my Quest Legacy, my website, the new forum 'A Sim's Tale' and it's wiki.  I've also got 2 other projects mapped out and will be starting work on them in the not-too-distant future.  BUT, for me this many projects thing is just part of who I am, and I believe that they all help my creativity, which refuses to be contained.  So, no apologies I'm afraid ;)

And on to the updates ...

I am determined to release the next episode of 'Pleasantview' much quicker than the time it took to release 3.6.  Hopefully you'll be pleased to know that I have filmed almost one third of the entire episode.  You're not going to get many hints at this early stage, but I will tell you that its opening has a dual focus on Angela and Dustin.

Quest Legacy
This has probably been my most neglected project :(  I am two thirds of the way through playing out the next chapter.  However this chapter is taking a lot longer than normal because Claudine travels to all three vacation destinations!  I'd like to have the next chapter released by next weekend.
My website is a constant work in progress and there are more changes in the wind.  Firstly, I will be removing the 'Machinima Tips' section.  Or rather, I will be pointing people to the Sim's Tale Wiki, where all of my machinima tips will (eventually) be written in full.  Secondly, I am trialling a new comments program, so you will be able to add comments to each episode I release.  I already have this available for the latest 'Pleasantview' episode, feel free to add a comment if you like.

A Sim's Tale - Forum
This new forum is really growing.  We have a new section called 'Critic's Corner' in which anyone can submit machinima or stories for review.  After you have been there for a while (after 50 posts) you can also apply to become a critic yourself.  If you love playing sims or making stories or machinima you are welcome to join!

A Sim's Tale - Wiki
This wiki will contain much important information for sims machinima directors and storytellers.  It has only just begun, but eventually it will have a whole range of useful stuff including cheats, hacks and tutorials.  I will be adding my own movie making tips too.

Future Projects
I'm not going to reveal much yet, but one project is a new machinima series and the other is a story!

So, thanks for reading :)  Feel free to ask any questions!