Monday, January 24, 2011

New Release - Pleasantview 3.7!

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you my longest ever piece of machinima - Pleasantview 3.7 "First Snow"!  Yes it goes for a whopping 18mins, 36 seconds!  No wonder these episodes are taking me such a long time.  Here's some pics -

As always this episode will only be available on my site for a while - probably until the weekend when I will upload it to youtube.  However there will be a catch.  The episode on my site will remain uncut, but the episode I put on to youtube will be cut down to the 15min youtube limit.  I will be making available two sizes of the original - a medium and an extra large, extra quality version - available for download.  BUT, there's more!  I've included an 'extras' element to my site, so be sure to check it out if you just can't get enough Pleasantview ;)

*EDIT*  I have already uploaded it to youtube as I wanted to see if I could upload the entire thing and it worked!  So yes, you're welcome to view it on youtube now, uncut.


So what do you think?  Firstly Dustin and Gordon both did their best to "legitimise" their job, but it looks as though Brandi might put a stop to Dustin's prospering crime career anyway.  Angela was very pleased that her little plan seemed to work, but do you think it really will?  I have included her full diary entry on my site under 'Extras' so be sure to check it out if you want to know more.

This episode took me quite a long time to make, but I enjoyed it.  I hope you enjoy it too :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A new year ...

Happy new year everyone!  Soon I'll be announcing the release of a new episode of 'Pleasantview'.  Yes, episode 3.7 "First Snow" is well and truly in production and I hope to have it released in 1-2 weeks.

This episode will feature the Brokes, the Pleasants, the Oldies and the Burbs, there'll also be a brief encounter with the notorious Gordon King.  Some of you have formulated some ideas about what will occur in 3.7, and indeed some theories are correct ;)  I can't wait to release this ep, it's been fun to work on and I think it will be one of my favourites.

I'll also be releasing a new website to coincide with the release of 3.7.  As a result you will not see the poster above on my current website as I am not going to spend time updating it.  My new look website will be more sophisticated (I hope) and all vids will be working - I know a number of people have complained about Pleasantview 1.4, it's not streaming all the way through, so I'll have everything up to scratch in a week or two.