Sunday, April 10, 2011

The first episode of 'Sunset Valley' now showing!

I have released the first episode to my new series, 'Sunset Valley'.  This episode is called 'Restless' it features the Goths, Claire Ursine, the Frio brothers and the Bachelors, and it also has some cameo appearances by other well known characters.  It is currently available on youtube and at my site.  I uploaded this to youtube first because it is the first episode, with future episodes I will be releasing it on my site first then youtube a week later, as is my practice with Pleasantview.

So why have I decided to make a series about Sunset Valley?  I have really enjoyed making my Pleasantview soap opera and increasingly as I played my sims 3 game I kept thinking how good it would look in a machinima series.  The characters in Sunset Valley are quite fleshed out and there is a good mix of relationships: allies and arch rivals - which makes for good storytelling.  As with Pleasantview, this is my take on Sunset Valley, although some story lines will be a little predictable, other may not ;)

This series will go over three seasons only.  The plot is much more contained than my Pleasantview plot (which will go for five seasons or longer).  This is partly because I first wrote it as a movie, I had wanted it to be a one off feature film, but this would be too time-consuming and long, so I decided to cut it into 3 seasons. I think it is better this way too as I can put more detail into each episode (which suits my style).

Many people have asked me if I am continuing with Pleasantview, of course I am :D  I love making Pleasantview episodes and I will probably continue it beyond the five seasons I have written, so stay tuned to that too ;)

I hope you enjoy this first episode of Sunset Valley and please let me know what you think :)