Friday, September 28, 2012

Pleasantview (3.8) "Winter Bites"

Without further ado, here it is ...

This was fun to make in many ways, and it's been great to return to machinima.  But, it was also a headache at times.  Mainly because I have a new computer, new screen, new video software, and it all took a lot of getting used to.  I had to re-film some entire scenes due to some really basic errors on my part, so the whole thing took longer than expected.  But, I sat down this morning to finish my last scene and I also managed to get the sound done - which is always the last thing I do - so much to my surprise, I finished it!

3.8 is relatively short compared to my most recent episodes, and when I watched the finished product I found myself wanting more, so god knows what you guys will think!

Spoilers ahead:

What did you think about the ending?  Poor Darren, I really feel for him.  He is so nice, so gentle; whereas Lothario couldn't care less who he steps on, he obviously just cares for himself (doesn't he???).  Let's hope Cassandra can 'make the right choice' but I'm not promising anything ;)

If you're wondering what the 'night' is all about that Nina is referring to in her discussion with Daniel, it is the opening night of Dina's nightclub, Crypt O'.  It's gonna be a big night, and a big episode!

Lots to happen yet in season 3 - remember there are 12 episodes all up in this season.  I'll be making a start on 3.9 soon.

In the meantime, let me know what you think of this episode and ask any questions here.  I hope you enjoy :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Coming Soon ...

Pleasantview 3.8 is well and truly on its way.  It is called 'Winter Bites' and features quite a few of our local Pleasantview residents, although there is quite a focus on Darren Dreamer.

Here's some pics from the footage:

I've had a few issues while filming which has delayed the whole process, but I am on the homestretch now.  I can't say an exact date for release, but keep checking back over the next two-three weeks.  I hope to have it released asap.

I have also started work on a new Sims 3 series.  More to come on that later :)