Saturday, October 27, 2012

Let's Play 1.3 and other stuff

Let's Play The Sims 2, 1.3 is now out:

So you might be wondering what happened to "winter"?  As I say in the video, it's a long story.  Basically I made a whole series of mistakes with my filming and editing and ended up losing everything! That's why we've skipped to spring and you can see that the family has expanded somewhat :)  I'm also still trying to get the sound right.  Hopefully I'll have it perfect by the next ep.

In other news I have started filming the next episode of Pleasantview.  3.9 begins with the Pleasants.  As I was filming there was a fire in their dining room.  This happens a lot, that fireplace is major hazard!  Anyway, I thought it was interesting how Coral, Mary-Sue and Angela all went in to panic mode while one courageous sim soul saved the day.  Here's the footage ...

I thought all you Lilith fans might appreciate this ;)

I'm very excited about next week's blog as I will be revealing more about my upcoming Sims 3 series, Simtasia.  Stay tuned :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Let's Play The Sims 2 Legacy - Stella's Autumn!

Autumn is my favourite season in real life and in The Sims 2.  I think it's going to be beautiful on The Sims 3 too, can't wait for seasons!!!!

I love the way the leaves change colour, it looks amazing!  So, I have released the next episode which is all about the things that happened for Stella during Autumn.  Remember, with my Let's Plays I won't be showing everything, just the highlights, or what I can fit into a 30 minute video.  I didn't want to go over 30 minutes, as that would be a ridiculous amount of time to be watching a bunch of sims I think.  You may like to watch it in segments rather than sit down to see the whole thing, but if you get some time I hope you enjoy it :)

I'm loving playing The Sims 2 again, it really is a great game, and I think, maybe, I enjoy it more than The Sims 3?  But that might change when seasons is released.

In other news I have started work on Pleasantview 3.9, I hope (fingers crossed) to have it released before Christmas :)

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Let's Play The Sims 2 Legacy!

The first episode of my new series is now available for viewing -


This series is a let's play and a legacy.  It will track the lives of Stella Sterling and her cat, Sir Purr-A-Lot, and the children/kittens they have.  The family has a main goal to build up a family business and make it successful so that it can pass on to each new generation.  

I've really enjoyed playing and producing this let's play so far.  Playing the game again has been a lot of fun and I'm realising it is very useful for my machinima as I am able to see interactions that I either forgot about or never knew existed.

I have been a little disappointed by some feedback from people complaining that I need to finish Pleasantview.  I have to say I was expecting it, but I still get a little peeved when I see it.  Pleasantview is an absolute priority for me but it takes a lot of time to create and it means that I can only upload a video every 1-3 months.  I've wanted to increase my uploads to youtube and producing let's plays will enable me to do it.  They are quick and easy to make in comparison with machinima series.  If people are not interested in watching a let's play, I understand, but telling me to focus on Pleasantview isn't going to get it finished sooner.  I cannot and will not spend all my time and energy on one project.  Very few people could do this and sustain it for a lengthy period.  To keep Pleasantview fresh and interesting to me I need to do other things too.  Rant over ;)

I apologise for any 'difficult' audio in the video - I am still experimenting with the sound and mic, etc.  Still, I hope some of you enjoy it!

Thanks for watching!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Stuff!

I've been busy over the past month or two and now that Pleasantview 3.8 has been released I am ready to announce a few other things.

1. is back!  Call me indecisive (because I am) but I decided to bring my website back with a new look.  I had to refresh my website making skills, but I really enjoyed making it so it wasn't a big deal.  The good news for Pleasantview fans is that 'Dina and Mortimer's Honeymoon' and Angela's diary entry (from 3.7) are all there to see.  I have an FAQ page too which might be of interest :)

2.  I'm making a Let's Play Legacy with The Sims 2.  Some of you may have caught the pilot of a Sims 3 Let's Play that I put up a month or so ago.  Well the idea just wouldn't go away and after watching quite a few Sims 2 LPs I decided to have a go with a version of my own.

This Let's Play is also a legacy and begins with founder Stella Sterling and her trusty cat Sir Purr-A-Lot.  They move into Desiderata Valley, which I haven't really played before, so it's all new.  The aim of this legacy is for Stella to build up a family business that will be passed on with each new generation.

I will edit my footage to show the highlights of each season.  So, after the first day we will see Stella's autumn, then winter and so on.  I have started gameplay and am currently up to spring and I have to say playing The Sims 2 again is a lot of fun.  It's also useful for my machinima as I get to see more interactions and animations that could be really effective in a series.

The Trailer is available for viewing now:


3.  Simtasia: An Epic - I've also been working on a sims 3 series that is gonna be huge!  I won't reveal much in this post aside from this: it will be set in every neighbourhood in the game, and so that's why I've called it an epic.  

It will have a large cast and the storyline is rather unruly, but I'm hoping I can keep it all under control.  Due to this new series I will not continue with 'Sunset Valley'.  I know this will disappoint some but the truth is I am inspired by characters and storyline possibilities that all of the neighbourhoods offer and I wanted to branch out.  Obviously Sunset Valley will be included in this new series, so hopefully you can see some of your favourite characters and stories from the Valley :)  This series will be released early 2013, however I will upload a trailer before the new year.

Well that's it for now, thanks for reading :)