Saturday, November 24, 2012

Let's Play The Sims 2 Legacy 1.6

It's autumn again in Desiderata Valley ....

And for all Pleasantview fans, 3.9 is coming, I'll be posting pics next week :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Founder's Day, Youtube, and CC!

The First Annual Founder's Day

Stella Sterling has just enjoyed the first annual founder's day in my Sims 2 Let's Play Legacy.  What does this mean?  She's been 'alive' for a full sim year and it's' time to celebrate :)  This episode was filmed 'live' which means I did the narration as I played since it was just one day.  Here it is -



I'm very excited to report that I have been accepted by to be a partner with them through youtube!  This means that I have a little more freedom with my channel and I am able to put ads on my videos (although I don't want to go over the top with this).  Thanks so much to all my subscribers for making this happen - without the following my videos have I couldn't have become a partner - so THANK YOU :)

Custom Content

Every week I receive queries about custom content I use in my videos.  Unfortunately I am quite hopeless at remembering where I get my CC from.  I received an email recently from Alex with a very long list of Custom Content used in my videos.  Alex and Mercedes have put this list together and I think we all need to thank them for their time and effort - thanks guys!  I will put this list on my faq page on my website too. 

robert's apartment from "smooth operator":

jennifer burb's hairstyle in pleasantview 3.8 (page 26, 1st download):
*also used in "smooth operator"

robert's friend's outfit from "smooth operator":

dina's car from pleasantview 2.5:

lucy burb's hair from pleasantview 3.3 (1st page, 1st hairstyle):

cassandra's hairstyle from pleasantview 3.5 (page 18, 3rd download):

dina's outfit from pleasantview 2.5 and 2.6:

the hairstyles in "smooth operator": (page 23, 1st and 3rd hairstyle) (page 25, 1st and 3rd hairstyle) (page 2, 1st hairstyle) *male section

dina's car from pleasantview 3.1

the oldie's hydrangea's:

#41 is nina's hair from pleasantview 2.8:

flower arrangements used in nostonia part 7 and pleasantview 2.3:

nina's dress from pleasantview 2.6:

flowers and bushes from the gypsy's house in pleasantview 3.4:

painting used in pleasantview 3.2:

jennifer burb's scarf from pleasantview 3.3 (1st page, 2nd scarf):

props and hacks:

the greek salad from pleasantview 3.1:

the apartment that cassandra looked at first in pleasantview 2.7 (from wolfsim68):

kitchen items in the burb's house in pleasantview 2.3:

cassandra's kitchen set:

jennifer burb's outfit from pleasantview 2.4 (bottom right corner):

dining chairs in the burb's house:

dina's wedding dress (it is the 6th dress):

reflective floors from pleasantview episodes:

dina's lingerie from the honeymoon story (bottom left corner):

dina's nails from pleasantview 2.5 (bottom right corner):

dina's michael kor's sunglasses from the honeymoon story (4th and 5th row, black and white):

the big brim hats in your machinima video (page 6-last row, 2 hat & page 7-first row, second hat):
***page 6 also has cassandra's hat from pleasantview 3.6
***page 5 also has straw hats that you may have used

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Let's Play The Sims 2 (1.4) "Summer"

The next installment of Stella Sterling's life is out -


Sit back and relax as the adventures of the Sterlings unfold before your eyes :)

This is a short post this week as I am away for the weekend.  I haven't responded to emails and comments this week, so I apologize for that and will get back into the swing of it next week.  Until then, I hope you enjoy this episode!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Simtasia: An Epic

Over the past few months I've been working on a new Sims 3 series that I have called 'Simtasia: An Epic'.  The idea came to me when I was deciding whether to continue with 'Sunset Valley' or not.  I find all of the worlds interesting and I wanted to include a number of characters, settings and storylines that exist outside of Sunset Valley.  So, why not write a series that includes all of them?

'Simtasia' will be set in every available world in the game.  The first season focuses mainly on Sunset Valley and Bridgeport, but we will see other worlds too.  Al Simhara features in the very first episode, albeit 9000 years ago!  You can see why I called it Simtasia, essentially it is the sims world as we know it. 

As for characters, of course I cannot include all of them in a meaningful way.  So, I have selected a few key sims from every world to be our major characters - our heroes and our villains - but many, if not all sims will feature as background or minor characters.

So what's the premise of this epic?  We learn in the first episode of an ancient prophecy that reveals the coming of a very powerful sim with the capacity to destroy or save the world, depending on your point of view.  So, those who see her as a hero want to protect her, others plan to erase her.  And who is this prodigious sim?  We'll have to wait and see but she resides in Sunset Valley.

I have released a very small preview of the new series which I hope gives you a little taste of the series to come.


Making machinima with The Sims 3 is becoming much easier with the availability of custom animations.  I find it a quicker process than with The Sims 2 and I am loving it.  I can't wait to bring you the first episode in 2013 :)