Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How goes our royal family?

I have just finished filming three more ep's of my 'royalcy challenge' and I'll be releasing them throughout the week.  You can watch the first ep here -

After these three episodes, I won't be releasing another episode of a Let's Play until I have released the first episode of Simatasia. So watch out for that soon!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

More life with Brandi

I was going to release a new bunch of episodes for my Royalcy this week, but unfortunately my Sims 3 game is crashing wildly. I think the problem is some CC I tried to install. I am still trouble shooting it and I hope to have it fixed very soon. It's frustrating because I am almost finished filming for 'Simtasia'.

So ... I have filmed more episodes of the LP with Brandi Broke instead, because my trusty Sims 2 game keep going no matter how much custom content I install!

I'll be releasing three episode this week so keep a look out for them.

Here's 1.2. Enjoy!