Monday, May 21, 2018

Pleasantview 3.11 is live!

And here it is!

Some viewers may remember me warning you about the length of Pleasantview 3.10, but I've broken another record with 3.11, and it is now the longest episode of the whole series being nearly twenty-two minutes duration.

"Unexpectancies" is the penultimate episode for Pleasantview Season Three, which means there is only one more episode left for the season. I'll be starting work on 3.12 ASAP. I'm very much looking forward to filming the end of Season Three as I've pictured it in my mind for a very long time and I can't wait to finally to make it happen. I'm hoping it will be quite a thrilling and awe-inspiring piece of sims machinima.

But in the meantime, enjoy 3.11 and let me know any comments or questions you have either here or on YouTube. Thanks for watching!