Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nostonia Part 7 Release

Well, here it is! I have finally released my second-last episode to the series. Just click on my 'New Release' page. As promised, in this episode we see Daniel and Dr James partake in a little adventure - in which Daniel comes to some conclusions about the past. This ep has some unsavoury images, and if you are an arachnophobe you should be warned! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy :) oh, and don't forget to vote on my poll.

Pleasantview fans - there will be something along soon to whet your appetites ;)


  1. Woow! You´re such a good movie maker!!! I love your series Nostania, but Pleasantview is a very very good one , too! How can you put all theese effects in your movie? And which program did you use for it?

    I´m such a BIG Fan of your movies.
    Love it!

  2. Thanks for the positive comments. my movie editor is Ulead, so some of the effects comes from that program. Other effects like the bookcase moving and the spider are done through greenscreening or chroma-keying.

  3. That´s fantastic! :)
    I´m not an expert in things like you use for making a movie. But in one thing I´m very interested in. How can the eyes of your Sims look so real? My Sims eyes are staring always at the same point ... :(
    I´m always a fan of your serieses.

  4. I'm not an expert either LOL! I'm still learning a lot. Firstly the eyes are custom eyes, which are quite different from the maxis ones. Secondly, I use hacks (especially the ones by decorgal) to make the sims do various animations including moving their eyes. I also slow down my film quite a bit to get a 'good look' at the sims' eye movements - otherwise it happens to quickly.

  5. Sounds good! :) I just wondered how the eyes could move. ;))
    Where do you get all the hacks from? I know, from the internet, but I mean are there special sites, which are good to use for?
    Well, I think my grammar isn´t as good yours! Sorry for it, but I´m from Germany and I learn English, so sorry for all my mistakes I made ...
    I think it´s kind of fun to write to you this way! ;)
    I like your work a lot and so on ... :D

  6. Well your English is much better than my German LOL! You can get hacks from a variety of places. You should go to Decorgal's site and download hers from there. She includes instructions which you should read. Also go to mod the sims and do a search for hacks there. I have some links on my 'faq' page on my site which might help too. I am going to update this eventually with a section just for hacks.

  7. Thanks for your help.
    Well, that´s true, but do your learn German anyway?
    I think it would be good, if you uptdate a section just for hacks! So everyone, including me, can see how to and so on ...
    When will the episode 8 of Nostania be ready and updatet?
    :)) Good luck!

  8. Could it be, that we, the viewer, are who murdered Nicholas?
    So my vote is this. Nothing of the points above! :)