Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's on its way!

Yep, my next ep for season three is almost ready for release, so watch this space over the next week! Episode 3.1 focuses on the Goths and their 'family' issues and production is sailing along.

In other news I have updated my five favourites page with an oldie from Britannica Dreams. It's called 'The Snow Witch' and is absolutely beautiful to watch so check it out. I have also added a little ad to my new release page. It is a small ad I created for Machinima.Tv which is a great place to watch machinima on the weekends. It has a forum too, which I highly recommend joining if you're interested in creating or watching machinima, you can find it here: feel free to join up, people are very friendly there.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A pleasant story!

Hi everyone!

I haven't been very active lately for a variety of reasons, one of which is to do with the sims 3. Yes I did buy it, but I am having some rather annoying graphical issues, and it's too annoying to play yet (you can see what I mean by watching my latest vid on my youtube account).

Obviously I do intend to make movies with the sims 3 eventually, however, I am still very much committed to Nostonia and Pleasantview - I fully intend to finish these. Nostonia has one more episode only, and obviously the murderer will be revealed. Thanks to everyone who has voted on my poll, it's been really interesting for me to watch. If you haven't voted yet, or you want to change your vote you better get in quick because the poll is about to close.

So, onto Pleasantview. I've had a lot of enquiries about my soap opera and if and when I'll be releasing Season Three. Well I am absolutely releasing Season Three ASAP! Yes Pleasantview 3.1 is finally in production. In the meantime, I whipped up a saucy little story about Mortimer and Dina's Honeymoon. All of the information in the story will be relevant to future episodes in the series. The story does have some mild nudity however, so it's not really recommended for people below age 15, or those who are easily offended. But if you're ok to read it then clicky here. Here's a pretty pic from the story: