Tuesday, September 1, 2009

3.2 finally released!

Yes I have finally realeased Pleasantview 3.2 "For Art's Sake". This turned out to be quite a lengthy episode, about 12mins, so I had to divide it in two for youtube. You can, of course, watch it whole by downloading the episode off my website.

So ... what did you all think? I really enjoyed writing and making this episode due to the various twists and turns in it. People are already speculating about Brandi's comments about visiting her children's father. And I'm glad people have also noted the theft of a painting during Darren's exhibition launch - does everyone recognise Jessica Ebadi as the annoying burgular who would steal your simmies most prized possessions? But ... what will be the consequences of this grand theft for poor Dustin?

Feel free to comment!



  2. For some unknown reason the file is not downloading from my webpage. I have contacted my provider so I hope this will be fixed asap. I will keep you posted here, and I apologize for the delay!

  3. Finally!:D I was looking forward to the new series^_^
    I think you are very talented in making sim-movies, Doons :)
    Each series is designed to the smallest details, there r perfect camera angles and well-matched voices of the characters ;)

    I like the scene of conversation Dina and Don :D
    I see, Dina is really in love with Dion:D(if you remember her face when she talked about him... it was not a fleeting passion!xD)
    So... I was a little surprised to see that Beau has grown so quick o_O I also think that Dustin was very rude to Brandi. <_<
    Ohh... and the gallery scenes was simply amazing^^ I really like Cassandra's portraits they are very creative. Darren obviously recovered from the Darleen's death(By the way, what are these mysterious sounds from her grave mean?o_O) and he is ready for a new life... with Cassandra... they are becoming more closer to each other^^
    And I was glad to see, that Jennifer is going to be a mom again :)(Burbs is my favourite family in Pleasantview :D)
    As for Angela's revenge plan... I just hope it fails *evil laugh* xD And she realizes that revenge does not lead to anything good.
    I see that there appeared some mystical elements and characters in this episode, like the vampires and a gypsy woman... it's going to be very interesting!:)
    Well,thanx a lot for your great work:)
    P.S: Sorry for my English :D

  4. Thanks so much for your comments Maria :)
    I thought someone might comment on Beau's 'quick' growth spurt. As you know it is difficult to transition slowly between toddler and child in the game, so I just made the decision to do it. I did show him walking and talking in previous episodes, so that was really the only way I could make the transition more realistic.
    You're right about the mysterious sounds from Darleen's grave - yes they are there on purpose. whenever I used to play that family, her ghost was always around when Cassnadra visited ... so I might let you speculate on that one ;)
    I'm glad you liked the mystical elements. Those kind of characters (gypsies, vampires, werewolves, etc) have always been a favourite feature of mine, so I decided to incorporate them into my story.

    Thanks again for your comments!

    I am still sorting out the issues with my website, but it will be fixed soon.

  5. I'm so glad you updated! It was an awesome episode, the sounds in Darleen's grave I kind of hoped a hand would reach up from the ground. lol I watch too much scary movies.
    It's kind of odd seeing Jennifer Brub because I always kill her in my game by Mary-Sues cow plant then John would end up with Brandi. Is Skip alive or are they going to see his grave? I guess that question will be answered in the next episode. And yay for vampires! I instantly recognize Jessica Ebadi I always play her because some how she's kind of badass even out of NPC life.
    I really really hope Bella comes back I think Dina and Dion make an awesome couple and I hope it's his child. As for Angela i hope her stupid plan fails I love Angela and Lilith in the game I always make them friends...right after they fight it out for a few days. :) You do amazing work your Pleasantview series has is the best I've seen. I hope you update soon.

  6. Thanks Cherry! It seems most people are keen for Bella to return, and the idea of Dina and Dion as a couple is very popular too ... we'll have to wait and see ;)

    The video seems to be downloading from my webpage fine now, let me know if you have any problems.

  7. Hi you have an excellant series h3e44 is my cousin they told me about the series and I enjoyed it. Your characters look interesting Dina looks better without the custom content same with Alexander, John, Lucy, Don, Kennedy,

    These characters look nice with it: Coral Oldie, Mary-Sue, Daniel, Angela, Lilith, Brandi, Cassandra, Mortimer, Jessica, Marissa, Angela's bi-racial friend (season one I made her a playable character she became a teacher), Meadow Thayer, Nina, and Jenifer.

    I hope in season 3 Mary-Sue catches Daniel, We see more of the Burb house, See more of the Oldies house, Skip's gravesite DID you bury him at the cemetary Downtown Gothier Green Lawns? I hope so! We see Dustin getting arrested by John and also all of Dustin's co workers, Beau befriends Tessa Ramirez and does better than Dustin causing rivalry (the latina girl from Bluewater I married those two).

  8. I think that Brandi means that they're just going to visit Skip's grave, cause I mean in one episode Dustin is talking about Brandi's pregnancy to Lilith and says something about his dad being dead for not very long.

    One thing I would also like to see is a friendship between Don & Dina, well just friends no benefits of course. :)
    And I hope this season we will see more of Nina, maybe even a romance between her and Don. :)

  9. Thanks for the comments. I enjoy the theorizing that goes on, and many people come up with great ideas :) I have actually written the entire series (all 4 seasons worth) I can change things a little, but not too much as obviously I want the story to get to a dramatic end point! I will let you all know, however, that Brandi is taking her family to visit Skip's grave next episode as it has been a year since his death - I've actually already filmed that section of 3.3!

  10. When is the next eposide coming out I cant wait!

  11. Wow. This series is getting better and better. I can't wait until Dina has her baby. Haha and I do recognize that Jessica girl, she steels all of my sims TV's and computers. lol. I hope you bring her into the series more, it would be even more interesting if you had her move into a house or apartment in PleasantView.

  12. I think I must be the only person who doesn't want Dina and Dion to be together, I want her baby to be Mortimer's as I always make Dina a good character in my story.

    By the way, if you don't mind me asking, what made you increase the seasons length to 12 episodes. I'm glad don't get me wrong it's just the others were only 7 and 8 eps long.

    Also, great job with the series!

  13. I'll just remind you all that their are three possible fathers for Dina's baby: Mortimer, Don, and Dion - maybe I should start a poll to see who people think the father will be ... mmmm, will think about that.

    Thanks for your question Mische. The reason why Season 3 has 12 episodes is because I couldn't divide it any other way. You see I try to have a climactic ending for each season - the first season was Don's rejection of Cassandra at their wedding, the second season was Dina and Mortimer's wedding and the alleged 'appearance' of Bella, and I have a climax of a different sort for the end of season three. But I'm not worried about a balance of episodes. I haven't divided season four's story into episodes yet - that is to come.

  14. I definitly think you should, it would be abit like your Nostania poll :D

  15. Hey Doons99p I subscribed to you on youtube!

    What you should do is show Malcolm at the cemetary saying goodbye to his father and mother also where Brandi is visiting Skip and Brandi walks over to Malcolm and says hello and Malcolm does the same he and Brandi have a pleasant conversation and possibly a little flirting

  16. Hi Doons99P :) I'm really loving the series. The episodes get better and better, anyway I think you should start a poll about the father of Dina's baby because it's a brilliant idea :D

    Yeah that Jessica Ebadi is very annoying, I can't stand her, I was playing the Goths a few days ago and she came and took half of the furniture :@

    Anyway I loved Darren's paintings of Cassandra.
    They look so...lifelike :)

  17. Hi Doons99P! (:
    I love your work so much. I have to tell you that it´s the best series I´ve ever seen.
    Well, I´m from Germany and just wanted to say that I understand everything. It´s kind of nice to see, that I understand nearly everything. But after about 5 and a half years studieing English I should understand most of the words an phrases.
    Sorry, this was not a real report on your last part of Pleasantview, but I hope you use my comment to see, that your videos are seen in Germany, too!

    Good work! :)
    It greets you N.

  18. Pleasantview 3.2 was great I always go back and watch it! Glad to see Beau grow up. I wish Malcolm made an appearance at that art show but seeing the Count and Countess made up for it. Jenifer is still looking great.

  19. Can you please tell me where you got angela's hair