Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pleasantview 3.4 released!

Yes I have at long last released the next installment of Pleasantview. Here's the poster -

At the moment this episode, 3.4 "Enchantments" is only available on youtube. I am currently doing a major update of my website, so it won't be available for download until I get my new look website up, which hopefully won't take too long.

So, epsiode 3.4 aims to spice things up a little with some romance and some scheming! People will hopefully learn more about Angela and Dirk's plan to upset Lilith and Dustin. The twins certainly have their supporters don't they? It seems a lot of people support one or the other - Team Lilith or Team Angela? LOL! Well, there's lots more scheming to come anyway ;)

And of course, Darren finally asks a certain someone out - about time don't you think? So the question arises, will Darren's affections be reciprocated? Well, there may be more to learn about these two in 3.5.

Nostonia will be my focus once my new web design is up - so it will be concluded sooner rather than later.

That's it for now, I'll be blogging again once I have published my new look site. In the meantime, feel free to make comments or predictions about 3.4 - it's always fun :)


  1. I LOVE YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!! :)
    I've been waiting for this episode for a very long time, but it worthed!
    I'd love if Daniel and Nina, at the end of the story, would be together :)
    You're great :) I'll wait for your next episode.
    Jojo from Italy :)

  2. Sorry, "Giorgia from Italy". I didn't remember how I signed last comment in the post Pleasentview 3.3 released :)

  3. You have great qualities :) Pleasantview is ranked number 2 on my top 10 list of sims series (type "My top 10 Sims Series" on youtube). Can I just ask you something? Could you make a "Behind the scenes" video explaining how do you do the episodes, or at least where did you get the hacks? That would help me and all your fans a lot! :D Can't wait for the next episode! Sign: SimsInnovation

  4. Thanks Giorgia from Italy - We'll have to wait and see about Daniel and Nina huh? But he still has the problem of Kaylyn, and his wife of course ;)

    Thanks for the compliment SimsInnovation :) As for the 'behind the scenes' idea, I am planning on writing some tutorials for my new web page, so if there's anything specific you want to know please let me know.

  5. How can I count the many ways this episode is so awesome?
    The story, character development, editing, audio, directing, camera movement and angles, lighting, mood, video quality, custom content, and most of all your attention to detail. Can I just say that the gypsy's house has to be one of the most detailed sets I've seen. All of these quality's I've mentioned have improved in your work so wonderfully, every episode is like eye candy.
    I've never really thought of a Daniel and Nina relationship, probably because they look so much like each other.
    I've always gotten the impression from the game that Nina and Don are much more compatible with each other. As compatible as two Romance Sims could get. I'm on team Lilith though I do wish that the sisters would eventually set aside differences and unite. I usually do this in the game when they find out about Daniel's affair. Also the scene in where Daniel and Nina were talking I love that you included the reactions from the guy at the register. Comedy Gold! Another thing I like about your series is that you don't introduce new characters that could overshadow the main ones. Your use of Townies is great. I await your next episode. ^_^

  6. My thanks Cherry for the detailed feedback :) It's funny, when I was watching the episode for the first time after I rendered it I was struck by how much Daniel and Nina look alike too! I see what you mean by Nina and Don, I guess I have tried to insinuate that they've had a significant "past" together. For me, while Don is a romance sim in a 'Don Lothario' kind of way, Nina is after something more meaningful - love. By the way, the sim in the shop making the faces was Goopy, lol! I know what you mean about not having side characters overshadow the main characters. I don't really have the time to flesh them out more and it would only detract from the main characters anyway. There are some side characters who will be developed a little though, they are Malcolm Landgraab, Gordon King and Jessica Ebadi, but obviously not as much as the main characters.
    I'm glad you liked the Gypsy's house, it took me quite a long time to build that set! She will feature again down the track so you'll get to see it again eventually.
    Lilith huh? Well our twins won't be making up any time soon in my series - but their tensions provides some good drama me thinks ;)
    Thanks again for watching and commenting :)

  7. Well i say - what another AMAZING episode from you Doons99P, I have a question about the Gypsy's house though. Is it the secret house hiding in Pleasantview? lol.
    And where do you get all the decorations in the Gypsy's home lol?

    Also i was a bit shocked with the potion that the Gypsy had given Angela....It had a skull on it :o
    Which (to me) means..I hope Angela isn't committing murder D:
    But this episode has got me thinking: Oohhh what's happening next? Lol, loads of surprises Doons :D
    Amazing i cannot wait for the next episode :)

  8. Yes that potion does look a little menacing doesn't it mwahahaha! We shall see what it will do to Lilith and Dustin. Angela and Dirk are very angry at them, and they want to get back at them in a big way.

    You are absolutely correct about the Gypsy's house, it is that secret little house in Pleasantview - revamped of course. The decorations for it I have been collecting for ages, I've used many of them before - especially when I made a short film for DavieD's epic "The Stuff of Nightmares". I think I got most of that stuff from Mod the Sims, but a lot of it is also available in game if you have Apartment Life.

  9. I was very happy about the episode being released it was real good. I was glad that Darren finally got a date with Cassandra. Im also looking forward to seeing how the campaign with Mary-Sue will go down. Whos competing against her? Gilbert Jacquet might be a nice pick.

    Im also staying positive that Beau befriends Tessa Ramirez. I really like the conversation between Gordon and Dustin its weird how Gordon refers to him as "son".

    I was happy to see Nina again its been awhile I like the part about Daniel catching her and Goopy acting impacient at the printing store (built nicely by the way) which might've looked better in Bluewater Village. I used to think that Lilith was going to get pregnant by the potion but now Im not sure Ill just wait and see and I used to think that Dion was the father of Dina's baby but now I think and want Don to be the father. The gypsy set was very good too. Looking forward to 3.5.

  10. Interesting question about why Gordon referred to Dustin as "son" - I wanted to show how significant their relationship is, it's more than just work, Dustin looks to Gordon for fatherly advice, especially as his ow father is deceased. I agree, it was about time Nina made an appearance, we''l be seeing more of her this season. A few people are guessing about that potion now, I'll have to keep you guessing though ;)

  11. Hi! I really enjoy following both of your series; I think you have great writing skills. I am not a huge reader(at all),and getting me to read is similar to pulling teeth. However, Pleasantview can get away with more than 1,000 words. I like all of your characters too, especially Dina, she is definitely fierce, and I can't wait to see who the father turns out to be. Dustin is also one of my favorites; he is the typical teen who continuously bangs his head up against the wall. Thanks for sharing Doons, and I look forward to the upcoming conclusions of both series. :)

  12. Thanks for your comment - but you certainly write well for someone who doesn't like reading! Have you read 'Dina & Mortimer's Honeymoon'? You can find it on my website and it's very relevant to the series. You're absolutely right about Dina, she is fierce indeed! And as for Dustin, he will be "banging his head up against the wall" for a while to come yet ;) I'm glad you are enjoying the series and thanks again for your comment :)

  13. I'm totally on Team Angela. She's always been my favorite pleasentview character from the day I bought the game.

    PS - I hear my friend's friend's friend is going to be making a Pleasentview series, and she's known to copy, so....yeah.

  14. I'm gonna make a kinda-sorta Pleasentview series, but I don't copy, so it's not going to be your series in worse quality like BLMovies did.

  15. I always find it interesting with Angela and Lilith - people seem to support one or the other. They are interesting characters, they are so very different! It creates great tension for the story. Maybe I should put another poll up?

    There are so many Pleasantview series out there already, and I personally thin there is room for more :) I certainly don't pretend to "own" this neighbourhood and characters, I've simply created my own story out of it, and I think anyone else has the right to do it too. So good luck with it G-Raff ;)

  16. Doons 99P!
    You´ll never know how much I like watching your episodes. Every episode is special by it´s own way. 3.4 was awesome! I really loved it.

    But how do you do all this? You must be a real talent doing cutting, camera perspectives and the other things which are responsable for making a film.
    I tried to make my own film, but it was just bad stuff!

    I think episode 3.4 is great to watch at, because of the "witch" and her scary house, with the black birds and black cat and all these things!

    Go on doing it! :)

  17. Thanks Smiling :) I'm glad you are enjoying it so much. Basically I learnt all about making these movies three ways - 1) I read a lot of tutorials, a good one to start with is this one the official sims 2 site -
    You could follow it up by watching this video too, it's very good -
    2) I watch a lot of good sims movies to get ideas and inspiration 3) I experiment and just have a go!
    I hope to be writing some of my own tutorials on machinima with the sims eventually, but I hope this helps in the mean time.
    I'm glad you liked the witch and the scary effects. I had a lot of fun building that set.

  18. I still love your stories as I always had, you're my alltime favorite sims movie maker :)

  19. Is lilith going to be pregnant nd I think the father of dinas baby should be someone we wouldn't expect that would be a great twist on things.

  20. I think that Dion being the father of the baby would ruin things for me but thats my opinion. Im not sure what the potion will do to lilith but i do know that it will probably have a impact on the pleasant family and increase sibling rivalry

  21. OMGOMGOMGOMG I L O V E YOUR SERIES!!!! THEY ARE SOOOOOOOO AWESOME !!!!! i like how your ideas of people twisting things up and can you make mortimer divorce dina !! i don't like her after i watched this......
    (SHES A SNOB!!!)
    and also the 1 episode when oh gosh whats his name oh yeah mortimers son saw bella can you make him the only 1 that knows about bella returning and the others dont so its secretly mother-son time it would be so sweet :)
    the potion that angela has you should make the potion turn lilith into something nasty like a witch (if you have apartment life) or something like that. Well i enjoyed watching most of your episodes i'm looking forward to watching 3.5 !!

    ***Lauren from Indiana ****

  22. I got a few questions, ermmm how do you get people to like drive neighbours etc to lots and stuff? like picking them up for example and taking them for a coffee... do i need an expansion pack or something apart from nightlife?

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  24. I'm currently rewatching Pleasentview and I would love it you could carry it on because I totally love it.