Saturday, January 15, 2011

A new year ...

Happy new year everyone!  Soon I'll be announcing the release of a new episode of 'Pleasantview'.  Yes, episode 3.7 "First Snow" is well and truly in production and I hope to have it released in 1-2 weeks.

This episode will feature the Brokes, the Pleasants, the Oldies and the Burbs, there'll also be a brief encounter with the notorious Gordon King.  Some of you have formulated some ideas about what will occur in 3.7, and indeed some theories are correct ;)  I can't wait to release this ep, it's been fun to work on and I think it will be one of my favourites.

I'll also be releasing a new website to coincide with the release of 3.7.  As a result you will not see the poster above on my current website as I am not going to spend time updating it.  My new look website will be more sophisticated (I hope) and all vids will be working - I know a number of people have complained about Pleasantview 1.4, it's not streaming all the way through, so I'll have everything up to scratch in a week or two.


  1. i can't wait 4 this episode!!! i can honestly say i think Lilith and Dustin should not go out. I mean him and Angela where fine together..... she just need to loosen up. So any way i cant wait for Marry-Sue and the gardener to have something more so Danial knows how it feels to be at the other end of the stick :)
    - Lightmist4

  2. Thanks for the comment Lightmist :) Yes, Daniel deserves some of his own medicine ;)

  3. I LOVE pleasant view :D I'm just sad that it takes so much time to make one episode, I wait for months and months.but I understand it's really hard work, I'm sure

  4. OMG, I love Pleasantview and just checked after re-reading the Quest Legacy, I was going to watch some Pleasantview episodes and like this new one. I can't wait * Screams like a little girl*!!!!!

  5. I can't wait too :) I'm looking foward to it :) What will happen to al this people? ;)

  6. Pleasantview is amazing, Doons! You're a great writer and I love all the twists and turns you put into your work. CANNOT WAIT for this episode :)

  7. Thanks for all your encouragement :) I have now got all the Pleasantview episodes on my website, episode 1.4 works, so those of you who were having trouble viewing it you can see it now.

  8. thanks 4 replying Doons :) i think this is the best sope opera EVER!!!!! u take every thing 2 a whole new level so cant wait 4 the new episode and cant wait 4 all the new drama 2 unfold
    - Lightmist 4

  9. Sounds all great to me! I'll sure watch 3.7 :D

  10. I'm looking forward to this episode so much! I'll be fervently checking your site during the next two weeks! You mentioned that this episode may be one of your favorites, and I have a feeling it'll be one of mine, too! Keep up the good work! :D

    -ModernTsunami (a new fan!)

  11. I love this story!
    And I LOVE DOONS!!!!
    This story the BEST!!!
    This is my FAVOURITE STORY!!!!!
    from Hungary. (a old fan!)

  12. Hey Doons! Cheers to a new year and to more episodes of Pleasantview! I can't wait for more episodes. It hard to find good sims series that are well written, well directed and edited. Keep up the great work!

  13. Thanks you guys :) Shouldn't be long now ;)

  14. Ahhh Doons! The suspense is killing me! Release 3.7!!!!!

  15. YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nuff said. XD

  16. This story is special!
    This is my favourite story!
    this is a good sims series!

  17. Dear Doons,
    I love this series! Please please please please please please please please please please PLEASE release 3.7 very very soon! :) Thanks!

  18. WOW! Doons! :D
    I have a feeling this episode is going to be the best yet!! I can't wait for it to be up!!!
    And happy new year to you to! Hope this year will be a good one

  19. hi i LOVE UR VIDS!!!!!
    maybe we can make a whole sims 2 series together.
    i have these expansion packs to make videos with:
    • The Sims 2 Nightlife
    • The Sims 2 Seasons
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    so just tell me if your intrested? :)

  20. Hello Doons99p, I'm a HUGE fan of your pleasantview stories, I've been waiting for episode (3.7) to come out FOREVER, I have a suggjustion on one of your new episodes. Like for instance
    "1:Mortimer finds out that Dina has spent to much money of things, and soon they run out, and to his suprise, he finds out Nina is sleeping with Don.
    2:Pleasant family have a suprise when Lillith's parents find out she's pregnant!
    3:Darren Dreamer finanlly asks Cassandra to marry him.
    4:Don gets blamed for sleeping with Dina, but he tries to deny it, and it comes back to haunt him.
    5:Dina, while working at the coffee house, (owned by Mary-Sue's parents) find a hot guy walking threw the front door, turns out they have a lot in common! Will this relationship turn out okay?"

    If you don't like these ideas, please contact me, I'm not signed up, but I check this site, more then 10 times a day! I just thought, you know, maybe you'd like some ideas for your story. I really like the twists and turns on the show! Can't wait to see what comes up next!

  21. Ohoho wow where do you get Lilith's eyes?

  22. And (my english is nod good I'm german)
    Where do you get lilith's outfit? It's sooooo pretty!
    And i love pleasantview i hope lilith die hehehe....