Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sunset Valley!

Hi everyone :)

I'd just like to announce that I am in the process of making a new series based on the sims 3 neighbourhood 'Sunset Valley'.  In the interest of promoting our forum 'A Sim's Tale' I have realeased all detailed information there, so please click here to learn more :)

... and for all those Pleasantview fans, I am still working on Pleasantview and probably will be for years to come ;)


  1. From the time that my "brother", my best-friend really, gave me The Sims 3 as Christmas present I play it every night and I'm enjoyng it so much! Initially I didn't like it, it was too complicated...but now I know how to play and I'm having so much fun! :) I play in Sunset Valley too, is my favourite neighbourhood :)
    I'm looking foward to see it toooooooo!!!!! :)

  2. So you must have a good knowledge of the characters Giorgia? I hope you will enjoy it :)

  3. there isnt any ohter towns in sunset valley is there cause i can only go to sunset valley but me and my gram bonded whil ewatching your videos and we really wanna know when are you going to make another episode for pleasantview and could you atleast giva a date

  4. Yes I have :) Iknow all the families of Sunset Valley ;) I'm looking foward to see it!

  5. Gabby you get new towns by buying and installing the expansions. For example when you buy Late Night you get Bridgeport and when you get Ambitions you get the neighborhood that comes with it.

  6. You can also download Riverview for free from the sims 3 site, and there's lots of amazing worlds now available that are made by some very talented people.

    What a nice thing that you and your Gram watched my vids together Gabby :D I'm sorry I don't have a date yet for Pleasantview 3.8 and You may not be pleased to hear but I will be releasing the first Sunset Valley episode before the next PV one. Sorry!

  7. I Like cant stanbd whats goin to happen with lilith im hoping she gets pregnat i didnt think angela could be so evil but i love your vids can you please tell me where you got the sims 2 pose that u used for dina's honeymoon thnx :D