Sunday, October 23, 2011

My apologies

Hi everyone, it's been a long time hasn't it?

So this is one reason why I have entitled this blog 'My apologies' ... I'm sorry for being away for so long, and now for some explaining ...

Well it's been a mixture of things really, computer problems, then Internet problems, a very busy life, etc!  But my computer has been a problem, and so I've had to make some pretty drastic decisions that I know won't be popular.  Yes, I've decided to put 'Pleasantview' on hold, possibly forever????  I really don't have the space on my computer for everything I need and something had to go.  I think I can hear many of you shouting abuse as I write this, it was a tough decision, but one that I had to make.  In truth, I have lost a little inspiration for it and as a creator, this is not good.  I think I am more interested in working with sims 3 at the moment.

I guess it came down to sims 2 or sims 3, my computer can only have one of them.  I enjoy sims 3 for the game play and so that was what helped me to decide.  I know many 'Pleasantview' fans will be disappointed, and I apologise sincerely. However, I have saved all of my game data so that if, in the future, I decide to complete the series it will be available to continue with.  I have mentioned in the past how I am writing 'Pleasantview - the novel' based on my series.  This is still in the works, so I am hopeful that fans will be happy to read them to find out what happened.  I will announce the availability of the novel on my blog when it is ready.

And what of 'Sunset Valley'?  Well it is definitely still in the works.  I have recently started filming it again, now that my computer is fully functional, so yes, this series will be continuing.  I have also started a new blog based on my game play, it is called 'Heather's Life' and it is based on the in-game experiences of Heather Crosby of Riverview.  It's a simple blog that won't take much time for me to write or you to read ;)

So that's it, my confession.  Once again I am very sorry for any disappointment that my decision has caused.  Thank you for watching 'Pleasantview' and for supporting me with your comments.