Sunday, October 23, 2011

My apologies

Hi everyone, it's been a long time hasn't it?

So this is one reason why I have entitled this blog 'My apologies' ... I'm sorry for being away for so long, and now for some explaining ...

Well it's been a mixture of things really, computer problems, then Internet problems, a very busy life, etc!  But my computer has been a problem, and so I've had to make some pretty drastic decisions that I know won't be popular.  Yes, I've decided to put 'Pleasantview' on hold, possibly forever????  I really don't have the space on my computer for everything I need and something had to go.  I think I can hear many of you shouting abuse as I write this, it was a tough decision, but one that I had to make.  In truth, I have lost a little inspiration for it and as a creator, this is not good.  I think I am more interested in working with sims 3 at the moment.

I guess it came down to sims 2 or sims 3, my computer can only have one of them.  I enjoy sims 3 for the game play and so that was what helped me to decide.  I know many 'Pleasantview' fans will be disappointed, and I apologise sincerely. However, I have saved all of my game data so that if, in the future, I decide to complete the series it will be available to continue with.  I have mentioned in the past how I am writing 'Pleasantview - the novel' based on my series.  This is still in the works, so I am hopeful that fans will be happy to read them to find out what happened.  I will announce the availability of the novel on my blog when it is ready.

And what of 'Sunset Valley'?  Well it is definitely still in the works.  I have recently started filming it again, now that my computer is fully functional, so yes, this series will be continuing.  I have also started a new blog based on my game play, it is called 'Heather's Life' and it is based on the in-game experiences of Heather Crosby of Riverview.  It's a simple blog that won't take much time for me to write or you to read ;)

So that's it, my confession.  Once again I am very sorry for any disappointment that my decision has caused.  Thank you for watching 'Pleasantview' and for supporting me with your comments.


  1. Thanks for letting us know, Doons. I wish you good luck with your Sims 3 series, even though I enjoyed the Sims 2 one more. It's been a good 3 years. :)

  2. Thank you for watching it Jason!

  3. Hey doons I'm really sad you stopped making PV serie me and my sister loved it from the beginning we were waiting and waiting and now we know that it's over, i'm really really going to miss the PV serie. hope your still going to leave the eps on youtube. I thought that you were going to make eps until season 5 and we hope that maybe in a few months you'll change your mind and continue making such Amazing eps. we can't wait to see what going to happen to Dina&Nina lillith, Don and all the other crazy sims in pleasentview. you really made playing sims fun again. we hope that you'll make more updats on your blog. best wishes :)

  4. Thank you for updating us, and I respect your decision.

  5. Hey DOONS,
    I'm the girl who wrote you this on your youtube page:
    NayandaValley(2 months ago)
    Doons i am like #obsessed with your pleasantview serie..... but 6 months?!?!

    And when i read your latest update on your really pissed me off!! no, i'm just kidding ;) But I am really going to miss your serie though..I couldn't wait for the next episode to come,whenever I saw your new vids it just made my day.

    I am a huge fan of your pleasantview series. Your sims 3 videos are great too..but for me not even close to pleasantview...Don't get me wrong: What you do with sims 2or3 is just ART!

    I hope you change your mind and continue your sims 2 serie, or maybe just make a long last episode with the endings of all the sims in we can all close this chapter :)

    a big fan from Holland!

    (ps: I can't wait to read your novel!)

  6. Thank you for all your comments and your understanding. Believe me I can hear the disappointment in your writing! As I said in my blog, I'm not saying that I won't make more episodes in the future, certainly, I know if I had more time in my life that I would certainly finish the series, however, I felt that you did deserve a clear decision and an explanation.

    I know that many of you enjoy 'Pleasantview' more than sims 3 machinima series. I put this down to the original plot in the neighbourood of Pleasantview, that came with the sims 2 game. This story was really well set up by the game creators, and so it was easy for me to capitalize and scandalize their the characters' relationships. I don't believe the story that came with the sims 3 and Sunset Valley has the same intrigue as that of Pleasantview. However, there is certainly a story there, and one that I equally hope to scandalize ;)

    Thank you again for your support!

  7. Hi doons
    very sad you stopped with pleasentview serie
    Why don't you finish Pleasentview first because you've got so many stories still open like dina and mortimer cassandra don nina, and the pleasants and then do sunset valley. because there so many sories that need to be complete you made an awsome serie for 3 years and now when it's not completed you want to stop I'm a big fan of your series

  8. and oh I forgot, my comment October 25, 2011 1:46 AM
    I recpect your decision and definitly going to follow your sims 3 serie can't wait for the next episode. :)

  9. Pleasantview was canceled =( please reconsider. but oh well good luck with the sims 3 series

  10. Hey Doons,

    I know too well what you're going through. Still, I appreciate the inspiration you brought with the PV series, the fact you invited me to the halls of AST, and I even made a friend there you shares my fires. (Ask Aldy, he'll explain xD).

    Still supporting your craft no matter what you stop or start. Really good to see you back again. Hopefully, you'll like CoOH enough to be inspired as your series inspired me.

    Sincerely, breaksystembse


    To catch you up, you are now called Eos and Aldy's using my Sim to set fires at AST! xD

  11. "Pleasantview" by Doons99P is a great series that I'll miss :( It was *your* PV that inspired me to make Strangetown Monty.

    But I understand you need to prioritize, so I'll respect your decision. Looking forward to Sunset Valley now! :)

  12. Aww... I hate to see Pleasant-view cease, but maybe one day it will return. I am happy that you will continue to write and make mini movies! So excited. I hope we can soon find out why Mortimer cried! Good Luck with all your endeavors.

  13. Doons - It is difficult to express how much fun we've had watching Pleasantview. The whole story arc from season to season was great, and your use of custom content, hacks and movie boxes was just amazing - Seriously, it was amazing to see what you could get your "actors" to do in the Sims2 game environment. We loved watching your series so much, we intentionally reinstalled all our sims2 games to reset Pleasantview and play along with you and your great story. However, we could see the episode production really slowed down, but really wanted to find out about Dinas baby...Anyway, all the best to you Doons and thank you so much, from a best friend you'll never meet :)

  14. Hi!! So good to hear from you!!!
    I totally respect your decision, but I will def. miss pleasentview. it was a big inspiration for me and one of the best series out there. However, you are really talented with The Sims 3 - more than I could ever hope to be xD - and I'm looking forward to see more Sunset Valley :3
    I hope you do get back to pleasentview at some point, and I wish you a lot of luck with your novel (I'm a writer, too :D) Can't wait to read it! Just one question -
    Do you need to get permission from EA or Maxis or whoever to use the names and stuff from Pleasentview? Because in the book I'm writing there's a scene where one of the guys takes Angela Pleasent to a party where the commits a murder and then they question the rest of her family as well as Dustin later in the book - well, that was a major spoiler xD - and I was just curious as to whether that's legal without buying the rights from Maxis or whatever.

    Best of luck with your life and your work! Love it!!
    <3 G-Raff Pictures

  15. Finally you're back! I was having thoughts that you might be dead O_o it really is very sad to hear that Pleasantview is no more :( But awesome that you're writing the novel and still doing sunset valley.

    ~A loyal fan/reader/viewer

  16. I must say that I was kinda schocked reading this blog, Doons. I really enjoyed every Pleasantview episode, but, I must say that I can't be too sad, because all the projects you work on are turning into masterpieces and I'm pretty sure Sunset Valley will be a great succes, just as Pleasantview used to be. It's good to know your back, and eventough Pleasantview was one of my favorite series, I know that I, together with many others, will be waiting languishing for the next episode of Sunset Valley eventually.
    Much love,

  17. Thanks for all your wonderful comments :)

    @ 341Lo - believe me I reconsider all of the time!!! ;)

    @ Break System - thanks for your support breakie and perhaps I should install a fire alarm?

    @ Aldo - thanks for your understanding and I'm glad you're making Strangetown Monty :)

    @ macandiredd - thank you, however, in my usual style, it will take a while for us to learn exactly why Mortimer cries ;)

    @ DevinR1149 - thank you, what a great message! I will be revealling it all in the 'novel' so check back for it's release.

    @ G-Raff - Thanks for your support :) And to answer your question I don't think I need to worry as it will probably be classed as a type of fanfiction, and I won't be making any profit from it (as it will be free of course!). And yes that was a spoiler ;P

    @ Brent - Sorry for the 'shock' but thank you for the comments :)

  18. I respect your decision but if you need extra space in the future i recommend a hard drive, its cheap very easy to paste (copy and paste) and has several hundreds of space 750 gigs can go for 50 to 60 dollars. I'm just saying this as a future writer.

  19. Doons! Thanks for the update, and Im deeply sorry to hear the Pleasantview has been discontinued. I am however glad to hear that you are still creating. Maybe you can evolve the pleasantview story for sims3? I agree with you in thinking that the sims3 platform has more to offer as a player and a creator. I hope to watch something of yours soon and want you to know that even though I have yet to really publish anything substantial you have really inspired me for if and whenever I have time to make a series!! Best of luck! Cant wait for the next big thing from you!

  20. Hey doons !!I respect your decision... Though I hope you end the sims 2 with a great conclusion at least. Your sims 3 is pretty great so ill be watching. Nevertheless, I hope you continue your movies (:

  21. At first when I read that you were discontinuing I was devastated but later I read that you would be releasing a novel, oh my god that is exactly what I would love! I absolutely adore the story line and your own twist you have put on the pleasant view series, it's so unpredictable and just amazing! I love the new series sunset valley, it made me fall in love with the Sims 3 and it's story line! Can't wait to see more from you! Waiting anxiously, yours truly, a true Doons99p fan!

  22. awww, I'm so disappointed that Pleasantview will not be continuing, but I totally understand your reasons to suspend the project. Good luck with your future creations, I'll always continue to be one of your biggest fans. Even though I've left youtube, I always sit behind my computer screen, watching your amazing series! :D
    Good Luck Doons! :)

  23. Hey Doons, when the next episode of Sunset Valley will bw avalable?

  24. I just found your series of Sims2. I confess I watched every video. And while I understand your decision to end the series due to computer issuses, I have to confess, I truly enjoyed your stories of Sims 2. By the same token, I am now a fan of yours and look forward to seeing more of your Sim stories.

  25. Doons, are you still working on your series?

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  27. Hey Doons99, i want to say than you make one wonderfull work with the TS2 serie "Pleasvatiew" =) Its so sad see than you cant continued with the storie because your pc space only allows one sims game and because it you looks now only use the TS3.
    Anyway i understand but was haved very questions in air than was never being awshers in last episodes and we fans sure want very to know like who is the real father of Dina's sun/daughter, if "Cassie" (Cassandra) want Don or Darren for be together, Angela and Dirk will dating or not or if after we seen in last episodes Lilith over for being pregnant of Dustin.
    I wish you have good luck and sure, i have one idea of fan for you: why not try with TS3 make new episodes from the serie "Pleasvatiew" despite the some diferences in aparences in both games?
    I think it would be one good idea (sometimes in TS3 when i play also make remake from some TS1/TS2 characters) for see our favourite serie return and our doubts being clarified =)

  28. Hey, can you please put up a new site for your "Pleasantview" series? Maybe combine every uncut episode of each season into three seperate theatrical movies? Can you consider having voice actors potray the characters of the series? And have you ever considered creating a Dolby Digital 5.1 Simlish mix and a Dolby Digital 5.1 English mix?

  29. Can you at least do like a series finally for pleasantveiw so it has a decent ending or even better like another season a last season plz!!!!