Saturday, December 1, 2012

Let's Play The Sims 3!

I'm very excited to announce my Sims 3 Let's Play, which is actually a Royalcy.  The idea is that I begin with a founder, who is a king and must restore his royal throne.  I have set my royalcy in Fortress Rock, a custom world created by Quailhogs.  The trailer is now ready for viewing and the first episode will be released next week.


To find out more about this Let's Play please visit my website :)

Pleasantview update

 Yes, Pleasantview 3.9 is on its way!!! I promised pics last week, so here they are ...

I decided I would release it as a little Christmas present to all PV fans.  Can't wait to show it to you :)


  1. haha first comment!
    So, my reaction to the pics:
    - I really hope Angela's plan worked :D I hope Mary-Sue kicks Lillith out of the house (not cuz I hate Lillith but because that'd be an epic plot twist!) and I hope Dustin breaks up with her cuz I like him with Angela. :P
    - Dustin, are you teaching Beau how to be a criminal? Tsk tsk.
    - Gordon, are you sneaking him to work? I hope so :D
    - Who is she talking to? SUSPENSE D:
    Can't wait! Thanks in advance for my Christmas present :)

    1. Hi G-Raff, I like your ideas ;) The last pic is of Jessica Ebadi btw.

    2. I still think that Lilith and Dustin should stay together and rise their baby tohether ♥ But this a idea with kicking Lil out of house is not bad...Than they could (Lilith and Dustin) live together in downtown or somewhere else :D

  2. Awesome! I really love this series, the best of Pleasentview in youtube. :)

  3. Can't wait for this episode. Not sure if I can wait til' Christmas tho! But doons99p you have 3 MORE episodes to do this season! You can do it! Lol:D

    Lilith obviously doesn't look too happy. Pregnancy maybe..

    Jessica is probably talking to Dustin in the last picture.

    No sign of Kaylynn yet:/ what happened?

    Why did Daniel lie to Jennifer in 3.7? She's looking out for him.

  4. So in love with this series and so excited for the next episode! (:

  5. Lilith isn't looking so good.....perhaps she just took a pregnancy test that came out positive?

    I certainly hope Dustin isn't trying to get Beau to follow in his footsteps as a criminal! He's just an innocent little boy.

    And I'm glad to see that Jessica Ebadi will be making an appearance again. Even though she isn't one of the main residents of Pleasantview, she is still one of my favorite characters in your series.

    I'm excited to see what happens in 3.9!


  6. Oh My God!! I am so impatient!! Lilith's face! CLASSIC!!

    Team Lilith all the way!! Angela just bugs me, can't she just be happy for her? No everything has to be the Angela way or there's no point to it..Ugh.

    Waiting for 3.9 may write a song about it: Waaaaiiiittttiiiinnngggg :)