Friday, February 21, 2014

Next up ... more about Heather.

I'm trialing a schedule in which I upload 3 times a week - Fridays, Sundays and Tuesdays. So, I have three new episodes of the Heather Crosby Let's Play to be released over the next few days. Episode 1.2 is now available for viewing.

Keep a look out for my tweets to let you know when the next episodes are out. I'm really enjoying this LP and I love not feeling too rushed as I'm playing on the long life span. I hope you enjoy watching!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Let's Play The Sims 2: Brandi Broke

I'm back with my third Let's Play series all about Brandi Broke from Pleasantview.

I used to love playing the Broke household back in the day, and that's what gave me the inspiration to start a LP that tells the ups and downs of Brandi's life. This LP will have similarities to my soap opera 'Pleasantview', which isn't surprising given that a lot of my game play led to the development of 'Pleasantview'.

This LP will remain in the house that we begin in - 55 Woodland Drive. I'll add to it as Brandi can afford to, but I'll keep things in her style.

I hope you enjoy the first episode -

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Royalcy 1.3

As I said last post, I have three LPs in development. This Royalcy was started before my 'hiatus' and I am going to continue it - but unfortunately I did play through a little and then deleted the footage! So, this episode will jump to the future a little, and you will see that King Alfred now has two children and has moved house.

To remind you of my 'rules' - this royalcy will follow most of the rules of a legacy, but there are some differences. The main aim is to get the family living in the most expensive house in Fortress Rock - the manor house. Then they have to purchase every castle in the 'world' - France, China and Egypt.

This episode is a reintroduction into the royalcy. You can watch it here -

Hope you enjoy!

Friday, February 14, 2014

I'm back with a new Let's Play ... or three!

Hi everyone! Yes I know, I've been away for a while. But I'm back making machinima and hope to have new episodes of Pleasantview and Simtasia out soon.

And how exciting The Sims 4 is coming out this year!

So, to kick things off, I have a new Let's Play which is all about the life and times of Heather Crosby from Riverview.

Some of you may remember I had a blog that told her story? Well this LP will be based loosely off that.

And here's the first ep:

This LP will go for the length of Heather's life, so it's not a legacy. As usual I'll be attempting to make it a story.

In other news I have a twitter account now. I plan to tweet whenever I am filming, just in case anyone is interested. I'd love to follow anyone who follows me -

I also have two other LPs coming out soon - I'll be continuing the Royalcy and there'll be a new one, which I'll keep quiet about for now. And before anyone complains about me producing these rather than PV, I just want to add that these LPs are quick and easy and just a bit of fun ;)

Take care, and it's good to be back!