Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Royalcy 1.3

As I said last post, I have three LPs in development. This Royalcy was started before my 'hiatus' and I am going to continue it - but unfortunately I did play through a little and then deleted the footage! So, this episode will jump to the future a little, and you will see that King Alfred now has two children and has moved house.

To remind you of my 'rules' - this royalcy will follow most of the rules of a legacy, but there are some differences. The main aim is to get the family living in the most expensive house in Fortress Rock - the manor house. Then they have to purchase every castle in the 'world' - France, China and Egypt.

This episode is a reintroduction into the royalcy. You can watch it here -

Hope you enjoy!


  1. I am really enjoying all of these Let's Play's! And I am glad you continued with the Royalcy! I know you mentioned you were working on a Sims 2 Lets Play as well, when will that be out? Also will there be a regular schedule for when each episode of the Let's Play's will be released? Thanks and great work! :)

    1. Hi Shane :) I might be releasing the Sims 2 LP soon, maybe even today. I want to release at least 2 episodes of something every week, three if my stupid internet can handle it. I'll try to release at the same time every week but if I have something else on, that will change from time to time. Thanks for your questions :)

  2. Good to know! Thanks for answering back! :)