Thursday, March 19, 2009

Welcome to my new blog look!

Hello! This is my brand new blog. I decided to move to a blogging feature like this to enable interested viewers to respond immediately to new releases, if of course they felt the need! I wrote a blog, on my old blogging system very recently and I will include it here. Feel free to respond with a comment.

This week I have released two new episodes, one of each of my series 'Pleasantview' and 'Nostonia'.

'Pleasantview' has just one more episode for season two, so next ep will be the season finale. Obviously there will be a wedding involved, and I'm sure you can guess whose!

'Nostonia' has eight episodes all up, so next episode will be the penultimate - it will also be a little more action focused than previous episodes.


  1. Looks nice Hope you finish nostonia soon