Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's?

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? My partner and I don't. We don't go in for the 'commercialisation' of love. But, this didn't stop me from making a little video for the community showcase Valentines competition held by the sims 2 official site last year. I was lucky enough to have my vid featured on their home page for a week! So I thought it was timely to have another look at it.

Of course it was a good excuse to feature one of my favourite songs 'Smooth Operator'. I spent a lot of time on my Sade sim, with a picture of her on a CD I have, trying to get her just right in bodyshop - it took hours! Music clips are not my forte, but I was quite pleased with this, it was fun to make.

So, if you have a few minutes this Valentine's Day take another look at it :)


  1. I enjoy Valentines day and celebrate it I just forget to get presents ready before hand. How is production for Nostonia coming along? And Pleasantview 3.5? Have you decided what you'll do with the sims 3?

    Im not dissapointed its okay ;) about the campaign but I do believe that Daniel will be caught this season with Kaylynn.

  2. Hi Intesine :) The final Nostonia ep is coming along well, I did a fair bit of work on it on the weekend. I will be releasing a new trailer however before I release the final ep. Haven't started 3.5 yet, but I hope to very soon.

    I'm sure Daniel will be caught eventually, but will it be with Kaylynn or someone else? ;)

  3. I SUGGEST... :P ehm, I suggest Daniel would be caught with Kaylynn, just because Nina could find the secret between Dina and Don and reveal all to Mortimer ghghgh I'm really cruel, I know :)
    For Valentines Day me and my boyfriend usually exchange a present, as this year. I bought a chocolate heart shaped cake, very tasty. Him, to me, bought a blue rose (as the tatoo I have on my right arm) and a box of heart shaped chocolate. We're together since a year, so for us is still an excuse to see each other :) But, in my opinion, when you're in love it's always Valentines Day
    Goodbye :)
    Giorgia from Italy

  4. I agree Giorgia, everyday is Valentine's day ;)

  5. Hey, Doons, it´s just a short message for the moment: Why can I not watch your Valentine´s day movie? They write something like: This video contains a Content of Sony Music Entertainment and it is not available in my country. Why why why? Because I really want to watch it, you know?
    PS: Great website!

  6. mmm ... what country are you in Smiling? I'm curious. I have put a streaming version of 'Smooth Operator' on my site now, so you should be able to see it. Just click the link in my blog above (I've changed the link) and it should work for you ;)

  7. I hope that final Nostonia comes out soon. When will production be over?

  8. Updates about Nostonia will be revealed in a blog very soon ;)

  9. Thank you! :) It is a very good video! I love watching it. ;) --> So I was able to see it! Have you changed the link just because of me? Thank you, thanks!!!
    Oh, and I am from Germany. That´s why my English is not the best. :D But I do what I can to tell what I want to.