Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nostonia News

Every week I get questions about Nostonia asking when I'll finally finish it! I have been working on this murder mystery of mine for over 2 years! The final episode is about 75% finished. Thank-you to all those Nostonia fans who have been very patient with me while a sidetrack on to other projects. I will have the final episode released in April. I will be releasing just one Pleasantview episode before then however.
In the meantime, I have released a new trailer for Nostonia, which does have a little bit of previously unseen footage. You can see it on my website for now, I will be uploading it to youtube later in the week. I hope you enjoy! And remember to vote on my Nostonia poll if you haven't already, currently it seems that most of you believe Katlyn did it, well maybe she did ... maybe she didn't :p - not long to go before the murderer is revealed :o

*EDIT* The trailer is now available for viewing on youtube.


  1. Happy to see you again on your blog ;)
    How are you? (I wrote to you an E-mail few days ago, when you'll get a little time please read it :P)
    I watched a very little of Nostonia, for this reason I didn't vote about it. The story is very well done, but it's not my genre ^_^" Mysteries make me so anxious -LOL-
    I have to go now...Good luck with your beautiful series :)
    Giorgia from Italy

  2. Hey. How are you? (I emailed you a while back about Brandi's baby)

    I watched the Nostonia trailer and I like how it didn't give too much away. Plus I see that it looks like Nostonia is more challanging to film than Pleasantview-to me that is.

    What will you do with the sims 3? Once you finish Nostonia will Pleasantview be your main project? besides the other one

  3. @ Giorgia, thanks for the encouragement :)

    @ intesine, You're right about Nostonia being more challenging than Pleasantview, thet's why it takes me a little longer - although I'm getting more and more fussy with Pleasantview and it takes me longer to film these days. When I finish Nostonia (soon) I will have more time for Pleasantview, but I am working on a couple of other projects too ;) At the moment I haven't made any decisions about using the sims 3 for machinima, and I probably won't until at the least there is an expansion pack that has weather and seasons.

  4. Wheee!... A new Nostonia trailer!... I'm so excited to see the progress on this project Doons!... I absolutely cannot wait for the finale. :) Although I will be a little sad to see the end of it :( ... It is still one of my all time favourite Sims series.

    That trailer has definitely left me wanting more!

  5. Hey, glad to see you here Rupie :) I'll be a little sad to see it finished too, glad you're looking forward to it!

  6. I thought this was another series I'd have to catch up on, but it looks as though I didn't miss anything during my little hiatus. Anyways, great job on cutting the trailer together and I'll be awaiting the finale with great anticipation (like everyone else)!

  7. Nope you haven't missed much Shawn, it's taking me ages! Great to see you back around the place though :)

  8. hey doons i just wanted to let you know how cool your show is! Are you almost done with the next episode and is Dustin going to keep the cat?
    PLEASE write back. And by the way Dina looks like she has a big secret about Bella are you going to bring her back at the end? well anyways love the show!:-)