Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3.5 Released!

I have released Pleasantview 3.5 "Dilemmas Downtown".

This was a big job in terms of filming as most of the action take place on community lots and community lots are very difficult as anything can happen! You aren't necessarily in control of all the sims as they come and go. So after much swearing and cursing at unwelcome sims who would spoil an otherwise perfect shot, I managed to get it finished.

I think this is also the longest epsiode I have made for the Pleasantview series - it goes for just over 16 minutes. So when I put it up on youtube on the weekend I will have to divide it into two parts. At the moment it can be seen in full on my site.

This episode sees a range of dilemmas for a number of characters, including Dustin and Gordan, Dina and Nina, and of course Cassandra and Darren. One thing I like about this episode is that we finally get to see where the criminal 'headquarters' are - I've been dropping it into lines throughout the series, but this is the first time I have set a scene there.

Well, I hope you enjoy! Feel free to post any comments or questions :)


  1. Hi Doons!
    I just have seen this new episode...how it's beautiful! :) I loved the scene where Dustin saved the kitten *_* And how beautiful was the setting of Head Quarter! You're mythical!
    I only hope you're not gonna to make Don and Cassandra together again! O.O She would be so happy with Darren...and Don could also be the father of Dina's baby! :O
    However, I'll be waiting for 3.6
    Good luck my dear friend ;)

  2. Thanks Giorgia :) I love that scene with Dustin too! I'm glad it's a little suspenseful, that's what I was aiming for. I can't tell you anything about Cassandra and Don, we'll just have to wait and see ;)

  3. Great episode Doons! I liked seeing Nina she looked great :) Dustin saving the kitten was neat i wish it was a calico though maybe it is it was just covered in dirt LOL Is he going to keep it?

    The criminal HQ was nice very and Jessica being the boss was interesting I thought it would be Russ but I liked it. I think that Darren might try to woo her if things go wrong with Cassandra

    The dinner with Nina and Dina was cool the mention of summoning has to deal with the poster plus alien heritage. I also like how Dina wont contact Dion (hope Don is the dad) LOL. Interesting to see Don and Sandy-she isnt much of a looker in this I thought it was Kaylynn when Don was running up to the gallery. Im looking forward to what might happen between Don and Cassandra and this club opening there

    Great to hear about Malcolm IV! (he's a favorite of mine) In this episode too I hope he gets more involved in the series more-he needs a new face though LOL, I wonder why he doesnt live in Pleasantview? And was he at the restaraunt?

  4. Erm Doons, i can't find it on your page. I'm freaking out now D:

    Shazzy13214 x

  5. Oh wait sorry, i just read the blog properly. I'm sorry, going to see now :)

  6. Hi Intesine :) I think Nina is your favourite character? You might be on to something with the poster ;) That kitten will be reappearing again, so we'll find out if Dustin keeps it or not. As for what 'might happen' between Cassandra and Don, we'll have to wait and see. Now Malcolm Landgraab lives in Bluewater (just like the game) but he will make a move soon. He wasn't at the restaurant, but we will be seeing him at the club's opening.
    Thanks for watching and commenting Intesine, I'm glad you're still enjoying it :)

  7. Hey Doons!
    I love your series, its terrific! I check every single month to see if you added a knew episode. This episode was really great. I loved the Criminal HQ, the scene were Dustin saves the kitten was also my favorite. I just wonder if Nina knows that Don could also be the father of Dinas Baby, I wonder what would happen with their sisterly relationship when she finds out. I hope Dion is the father though =]

  8. Thanks Pam :) Nina certainly doesn't know anything about Don and her sister, and you're right if she finds out there will be trouble ;)

  9. Hi!

    I've been following this series for a long time! I'm so glad this episode was finally released :)

    I hope Malcolm and Brandi get together - they're my favourite couple. I loved the scene with Dina and Nina, and of course Cassandra's and Darren's date - were they at the same restaurant? I'm a little confused.

    Cassandra's gown was gorgeous, btw. Where did you get it?

    I hope the next episode will be just as exciting!

  10. Thank-you! Dina and Nina were at the Downtown restaurant called 'FM' while Cassandra and Don were at the more 'posh' restaurant called 'Londoste' I'm sorry, I can't remember where I got Cassandra's gown from. More and more I'm thinking I have to add a page on my website with popular downloads.

    I hope the next episode will be just as exciting too ;)

  11. "More and more I'm thinking I have to add a page on my website with popular downloads."

    YES, my dear Doons. You HAVE TO. XD

  12. Hey Doons! I loved this ep ( yet another one) :D, I especially loved seeing a softer side to Dustin, is he going to keep that cat? I mean it's not like the Brokes can afford to have another mouth to feed :(.
    And also, something that I was unsure about, are Malcolm and Jessica a couple? or are they just "business partners"?? I actually kinda hope thay are a couple :L.

    One last thing, sorry, would you be so kind (to all of us) and I was hoping that you could possibly create a tutorial or post a couple of articles on your website about movie making etc, you see I am considering creating a series of my own but I have never done anything like that before, so I do not know what sort of hacks/cheats to use etc, or which movie makers to use aswell. Any help given would be greatly appreciated. :D

    Your No.1 Scottish fan. ;)

  13. I love your series there so good..haha I think you should make don and dina be together haha I think they look so cute together and it would be a real twist to the story!!

  14. @Giorgia - Well I will definitely do it :) maybe in the next week or so.

    @Mische - The kitten will be in another episode, so we'll have to wait and see ;) Malcolm and Jessica are just business partners. I am definitely going to add a page about making machinima to my website. I have been planning to do that for a while now. I just have to find the time to write the tutorials, but I'm glad that you would like to use it when it becomes available :) Thanks for commenting.

  15. Hello! (i'm from holland so i'm not good at Englisch :D)
    I just LOVE this episode! It was good as always :D. Every three months i'm looking for the new episode of Pleasantview. I's now my favorite Series! I just love the HQ. I think Nina is very cool and Dina is completely different! I think you're series are great and i'm trying to make a serie a good as yours for a very long time... You're the best Doons99p!

  16. Thanks Anonymous from Holland :D

  17. im new to ur pleasantview series and when will u finally be done with ur next episode tell me if it will be in a month or a week or more -Susie

  18. This is such a good show! can you make Bella come back... the real Bella Goth? That would be so coll. you can find out how to get her on you tube. Please make the new episode come out soon! it is eating away my waiting! In a goo way! Please make Dina brake up with Mortimer, she cheated on him twice! Also again make Bella come back. You should make a poll on that suggestion.
    any way LOVE YOUR SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. This is to my last comment, i may have make a few silly spelling mistakes!

  20. i made a few spelling mistakes!

  21. I love your sears! and i was looking at some comments and you should bring Bella Goth back.
    love your story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Hi Doons i love your sears! it is so suspenseful. i hope Dion is the father of Dina's baby. i think that these are good couples for later episodes. Nina and Don, Anglia and Dustin again, Lilith and Dirk again, Dina and Dion, Cassandra and Darren and Mortimer and if you can Bella! I been looking at comments and two say bring Bella Goth back!? So i guess it possible.
    Any way can you tell what Anglia is going to do to her sister? Please.
    And can you tell me when episode 5.6??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Any wat love the show!

  23. Hey doons! I am such a fan. I absolutly LOVE the pleasentview series. It's so full of surprises. It always keep me on my toes. I reaally hope that you keep on going, it's so addicting. :o)
    I loved the last episode that came out. It was sooo suprising!! With Dina being pregnant with an unknown father(i totally think it's Don) and with the fact that the goody two shoes Angela is up to something! Oohh!! I can't wait!

    Love the show, please keep on going! :o)

    P.S:Please write back! athenaterrill@yahoo.com

  24. Love your show. i have seen a lot of things based on Sim movies and this is the most perceptional! I would just go to it with out leaning how to learn it and freak out.
    Hey is Don and Cass hooking up? They shouldn't! Darren needs to get back in the GAME!!!!!!!!
    Well i love the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. Write back! and if you want to address me my nick name in school is Popcorn!?

  25. Bunnybutt1984@aol.com
    OMG !!! I can't take it anymore who's the father I hope it's Dion that would be so hilarious and if he was the father it would bring sooooo much drama what's Dina going to do :O) Is Darren ex wife going to haunt Darren if he keep's seeing Cassandra

  26. Popcorn is me!?
    Ya the father thing is intense! If its Dion's it would be so funny if it came out black and Mortimer came in! Talk about drama! I think that Lilith and Dustin are not good together! Sure they are both diligent but Dustin and Angela have so much history. Any way answer me soon.
    And i have a question. If Lilith and Dustin stay together will Dirk and Angela hook up?
    Write back soon!

  27. Hey do you have a page on the Sims2.com? If so can you download one of my Sims that i made and my page. I'm teentitans12345. I have a lot and even if you used it as a extra! Oh and can you put the Burbs house on that site? I can only download from there.
    Oh and sorry that i keep commenting but you are so cool and this hole thing of Pleasentveiw and Nostonia. well sorry fi i'm anoyign you i just think you are So cool for all this.

  28. i triple luhv your show pleasantview.i hope that cassandra starts to date don then dumps him just like he dumped her.i really hope you to something good to nina.she is my fav.i cant wait till the next episode.

  29. Hi

    your soap opera is just brilliant :)

    i love how you film and get close ups and all.

    The eplosion was a good scene and so was dustin with the kitten.

    I'v been thinking about doing a sims 2 soap opera too

  30. I love it! The episode was great! I just have one question, how do you have the sims run to and from lot to lot(kind of like the sims 3)? Thanks,
    Curious :)

  31. I'm HarmonysMelody over on youtube, & I'd just like to say I thoroughly enjoy your Pleasantview series, just rewatched the whole thing again (after a few months' abscense) on Wednesday. I can't wait for the next season, any idea on when it might be out? :)

  32. Hi HarmonysMelody, watch this space ;)

  33. Just wondering where you download your clothes, hair etc from? Also do you still make episodes?