Saturday, May 8, 2010

Who Killed Nicholas Von Brukenthal?

Yes!  Finally I have (almost) finished my lengthy murder mystery Nostonia.  I will be releasing it next Friday 14th May.  This has been such a long production for me.  I first thought of the story two and a half years ago and it has taken almost as long to film. Needless to say, people have been very patient with me.  I'm excited to finally be releasing the denouement. 

As this is the final episode, I have re-opened the poll asking who you think murdered Nicholas Von Brukenthal.  I will close the voting next Thursday, so get in quick.  If you have voted in the past you may want to vote again as I've noticed votes can 'disappear' whenever I extend the end date.  Feel free to comment here on who you think the murderer is and why.  I can't wait til you all find out who dun it!

Now to website news - if you've checked out my website recently you would have noticed two extra buttons.  One is called 'Downloads' and this is where I intend to put links to popular custom content requests.  I have only two available at the moment but this will grow steadily over time.  The other button is called 'Machinima Tips'.  A few people have requested that I write a guide on how to make sims machinima.  There are already many great guides available, but I'll use this page to either link to other tutorials or add my own.

Now on to something altogether different!  My sims 3 game was collecting dust for quite a long time.  Recently I decided to do something creative with it in the hope to learn more for (maybe) making machinima with it in the future.  So I've embarked on a legacy. "A what?!" I hear you scream.  Yes, a legacy.  I'm secretly enjoying it as I get to play and write a story, so it's a lot of fun.  If you're interested in reading it you can find it here.

That's it for now, I'll be blogging again on Friday when I release the Nostonia denouement.  In the meantime remember to update your vote on my poll, and share your reason here if you like - who do you think murdered Nicholas Von Brukenthal?


  1. Hey darling! Where have you been so long?? I missed u very much! :)
    I'm so glad for your news, I hope this work was funny for you ^^
    I don't have much questions for you, now, but I'm waiting for your next post! :)

  2. Hi Giorgia :) Yes I know I've not blogged for a while that's mainly because I've been busy working on various projects, Nostonia especially. It was fun to make, I still can't believe it took me two and a half years though! Thanks for the comment!

  3. Hey Doons its great to see your still blogging and i read your quest very interesting and reminds me of a very beautiful sim who did something similar...Dina Caliente :D is the goth family going to make an appearance? or any others in Sunset Valley? Is Jordan going to have another affair?

    AS for Nostonia good work and i cant wait till the finale :) But im very interested by your sims 3 plans are you doing anything else besides the legacy?

  4. Hi intesine, yes I'll be blooging for a long time yet ;) I'm not sure exactly what I'll be doing with the sims 3 in the future so this legacy is experimental - it's allowing me to get to know the game better as well as writing a story. Thanks for reading it, we'll have to wait and see what's in store for Jordan ;)

  5. OMG IT'S (almost) FINALLY OUT!! *squee*

    And it's coming out on (almost) Friday the Thirteenth! Awesome...

    Just two more days... that's all I need...

    My friends and I have been following this series for the longest time. We can't wait to see the end!! Congratulations on making such a wonderful story!

  6. Thanks Anonymous :) I'm glad you're looking forward to it!

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