Friday, May 14, 2010

Nostonia Part 8 - Denouement - Released!

After two and a half years, the final epsiode of Nostonia has been released!  If you voted on my poll (even if you didn't) be sure to check out the guesswork.  Most people believed Katlyn was the murderer ... well now you get to find out once and for all!

I'd like to thank my voice actors for their fantastic efforts to bring my characters to life.  Kendo as the detective Daniel Lambert; Pierre as his assistant Dr James Jarvis; Tawnie33 as Maria; Rupertcanada as Robert; sm-sfe as Katlyn and Anthrocrane as Ruben (among others) - everyone did such a great job and brought my story to life.  Thank-you so much!

I'd also like to thank viewers for watching and supporting me with comments and emails.  I'm sorry it took me so long to conclude, but I enjoyed writing and making it.

I'll miss Nostonia a little bit.  I hope you enjoy the final epsiode :)  Finally we find out, who dun it :0

*WARNING*  Some comments attached to this blog will contain spoilers, so read after you watched ;)


  1. Hey Doons!
    It was such a great, great, great final episode of Nostonia. Wonderful work! I think, I voted right. :D How I knew, I actually can not tell. I think it was intuitive.
    In addition to this you did a great job at putting your scenes together. You made it tensious till the end. I had to watch, and watch it...

    After a loooooooooooong wait, I can say that the waiting was not in vain.
    My best wishes! :)

  2. Thanks smiling and congratulations on guessing right! It was a long wait wasn't it? I still can't believe I've finally finished it! Thanks for watching :)

  3. OMG... that was AWESOME!! My friend and I watched it 5 times over - you're such a good director! Best. Murder. Mystery. EVER!!

    btw, out of curiosity, which part did you play?

  4. Yay!!.. It's finally here!... And what a cliffhanger it was!... So awesome Doons!.. Loved every minute of it. And though I somewhat suspected that Maria might be the murderer I TOTALLY did NOT suspect that the old man was still alive!!!! Talk about a shocker!!! I'm so sad to see the end of Nostonia but also sooo glad you finished it! It's a fantastic series and you should be so proud! Bravo, Bravo! *Applauds*

  5. Whoops just realised that my comment is a total spoiler!... lol... Feel free to delete! Haha!

  6. @ Anonymous - thank-you! I'm glad you think so :) I played Eva.

    @ Rupie - Thanks so much Rupie :D I'm so glad you like!! Don't worry about the spoiler thing, I'll add a warning to my post. Thanks again for your input, you're so talented! (btw check your email)

  7. Another post? Yuppie! :)
    Well, you've finished one of your series :) what would you do now? Will u enjoy us with another serial? ;) I hope so :)
    I'm waiting for the sequel of Pleasantview and, perhaps, a new beginning with a new serie :)

  8. Well Giorgia, I will be focusing on just Pleasantview for a while, but I'm sure I'll start something else eventually :)

  9. Absolutely amazing! Loved Nostonia from the start and loved it even more at the end, wow, that was quite shocking, tense and unexpected!

    I hope we see more of Nostonia or something new!

  10. Thanks Demetrius :) There will be something new eventually, I'm going to experiment with a new genre down the track. I'm glad you enjoyed Nostonia.

  11. Hi Doons :)

    Great finale - I loved every minute of it. I never would've guessed Roman was still alive... I wish we knew all the details to the story beforehand, but in foresight, that would've been made it a bit obvious, eh?

    By the way, since I'm an avid fan of your Pleasantview series as well, I can't help but ask... there are only 8 days (as of now) to vote in your poll about Dina's baby's father. Does this mean a new episode will be out in 8 days? :)

  12. Hey Doons!

    I just watched the whole Nostonia series and it was fantastic. I had meant to watch it much earlier but I always kept forgetting. I had a feeling around the 5th part that it could be Maria, you almost had me with Katlyn but since this was a mystery that would have been too easy and of course there's always a red herring.
    Great work on this series.

  13. Thanks for watching Cherry, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

  14. I loved Nostonia. It was really good and kept me guessing til the end. Do you know when the next Pleasantview episode will come out? I'm dying to see what happens next!!!!!!!

  15. Great story, I really liked it :) I'm not into murder mysteries at all but this was REALLY good :D I can't wait for Pleasantviews next part, I'm dying to know what's gonna happen :) It's been many months now since the last part :(

  16. when will the next pleasantview be out? it's been soooo long :(

  17. ROFL, I thought it was the maid who killed Nicholas. I didn't know that it was Maria because she looked so innocent.