Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yes I'm Still Alive!

Hi all!  I read, with a little bemusement, the comment made on my youtube page recently "I think you're dead now".  Well I can understand why some of you may have thought that, it's been a long time since I've been blogging here or updating on my web page.  But I'm definitely alive and well, and I've just cleared out a few cobwebs ready to give you all some updates.

Firstly, where have I been?  Well I've been having a lot of fun with the Sims 3.  It is soooo much fun!  I have World Adventures and Ambitions, and I cannot wait to get Late night.  I have been experimenting a little with sims 3 machinima - while it doesn't yet have all of the wonderful cheats and hacks available for sims 2 movie making, I have decided that I will definitely create some sims 3 machinima in the future.  I mentioned in a previous blog that I have a sims 3 legacy - it's still going (slowly) and you can read it here.  What about you?  Has anyone been enjoying the sims 3 too?  Any thoughts on the machinima capabilities?

Secondly, I have started to update my Machinima Tips page.  This will probably be a slow process too, but I'll get there ;)  I hope to answer all of the range of questions I regularly receive about making movies on that section of my webpage.

Finally, and most importantly, I have an announcement about Pleasantview.  I'd just like to clarify that while I am definitely interested in Sims 3, I will continue making Pleasantview until I have finished.  I have written 5 seasons of Pleasantview (currently we are in season 3), and if I feel like it I might even write another season.  So ... I am delighted to announce that the next episode is almost finished and will be released soon!  Episode 3.6 is called 'Memories' and features a few characters but focuses mostly on Cassandra.  Here are some pics from the episode:

That's it for now, I promise it won't be long before I release this new installment :)


  1. Hi Doons! Great News! Oh my I'm so excited! I'll sure watch it! The pictures make me so curious, can't wait!

    Oh, and I created a youtube-account... It's called "PeaceProductionsB". Could you please check it out?
    Greeting Brent

  2. Thanks Brent :) I'll certainly check out your youtube account!

  3. OOOh! I'm so glad you've returned :)
    I thought you were intrested into something new, so I waited for your return :)
    I can't wait for the new seasons of pleasantview ;)
    I like Sims 3 but I can't play with it beacause I'm in love with The sims 2 XD And I can't abandon it :P
    Giorgia from Italy

  4. OMG!!!! I luv teh pics and u are such a genius! I thought u would never make any new ones. And plez tell me that Cass and Don aren't back!

  5. Ciao Giorgia :) I've only been playing around with the sims 3 if you call that new ;) Many people feel the same way you do about the sims 2 - I myself don't think I'll be letting it go as a movie-making engine for a long time. But in terms of gameplay I prefer sims 3 at the moment. Thanks for your post :D

  6. Hi LIghtmist4 Thanks for your comment :) mmm, I can't tell you about Cass and Don, you're going to have to wait and see ;) Sorry!

  7. I love Pleasantview! I don't think that Cassandra and Don will get back together though... Cassandra would have to be an idiot to like him again. Lol. I don't even hate Don. I hate Angela! I always make Dustin break up with her because she is a brat!

  8. I agree with your point Brandon, but sometimes the heart can make people do silly things can't it? ;) Many people don't like Angela, it seems you either love her or hate her lol! One thing's for sure about Angela and Lilith - they absolutely despise each other!
    Thanks for the comment Brandon :)

  9. I just started watching the series and I liked it very nice! I wonder if your computer can handle all of that custom content at times. There is a teenage sim with blonde hair Angela can flirt with if you dont put her with Dirk. I saw intesine's comment about Tessa and Beau I think that'd be cute lol. Cant wait until this next episode! Im still waiting on that kiss between Daniel and Nina! And im still unsure about that potion-very odd and mysterious. Could we have a little hint of what will happen? Whos Nina talking to in the cafe?

  10. Im just guessing but is the potion suppose to make Lilith preganent. And im just guessing.

  11. Hi, its me lightmist4 and i have a question. i tried to down-lode Dina's outfit but i wouldent work and i tried every thing and other outfits. how do u do it?