Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Sim's Tale - New Forum!

I'd just like to formally announce a new forum I have created called "A Sim's Tale".  I've always wanted to create a forum for sims storytellers, and here it is!

It really is for lovers of the sims - whether you play sims 1, 2 or 3 (or if you're awaiting the sims medieval - which will also be good for stories).  On the forum you can talk about the stories you create, or that just happen, in your game play.  Or the stories you actually write and publish.  Or legacies.  Or machinima.

The forum is still very new and there is only a handful of members, but I hope to see it grow and improve, and become a nice place to hangout :)  So feel free to have a look and join!

*Edit*  Here's the new advertisement for our new forum :)


  1. Sorry to be a pain, but, is the "A Sim's Tale" forum just for machinima makers etc, or can those of us who just play the games, and watch these awesome movies, join aswell? I was just visiting the forums and thinking about joining, but i saw that most members are machinima makers, talking about machinima making! lol. So I wasn't sure whether I should join or not, or whether I would be welcome to. :(


  2. Hi Mische, the forum is for anyone interested in the sims, so of course you would be welcome! You don't have to make machinima or stories, but if you watch or read them then you're welcome to comment on the work of others ;) I hope to see you there!