Saturday, October 16, 2010

At long last, here it is!

Yes after many months I have finally released the next episode of Pleasantview. Episode 3.6 is called "Memories" and charts Cassandra's journey down Memory Lane. Any guesses who she might be reminiscing about? ;)

At the moment, as always, the episode is only available on my website, you can see it here.  It is also available on youtube here.

*Beware Spoilers to follow*

In the meantime please feel free to discuss the episode here.  I enjoyed making this episode, I really liked trying to capture the sense of emotional confusion Cassandra is going through following her encounter with Don.  I tried to show that from her perspective she really had a meaningful and loving relationship with Lothario, and we can see that he did have feelings for her too, just that he had feelings for other women too lol!  So, what do you think is going to happen?  Will she agree to meet with him again?  Or will she tell him to go jump!?  I'd love to hear what you think :)

Once again I apologise for the lengthy wait.  I've been having too much fun playing sims 3 and writing my legacy, and of course lately I've been enjoying the new forum 'A Sim's Tale'.  But I am determined to ensure the next episode is released much quicker!


  1. Oh I hope Cass isn't going back to Don!! She's much better off with Darren. I really loved this episode, especially when Cass tought about all her beautiful memories with Don. Oh my I hope Lilith isn't going to do something stupid!Can't wait for the next one :)!

  2. I really liked this episode, well worth the wait! ;). I hope Cassandra does not go back to Don, as I always pair her with Darren, but sadly I think she will! (Just 'cos it makes the plot expand a bit LOL). I thought from the very first time Mary-Sue was talking about hiring a gardener that something was gonna happen between them! And what's Cassandra's problem with Dina?? LOL.
    Can't wait for 3.7! :D ;)

  3. Thanks so much Brent and Mische! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Well I'm not giving any hints away but you can see Cassandra is a little torn at the moment ;)
    Brent I think you might know that Lilith is very likely to do something 'stupid'.
    Mische I like your idea with the gardner, you might be on to something ;)

  4. Okay this was so amazing! Great work Doons you always do great! I think that Mary-Sue and the gardner are going to be really good "friends." I also think that Angelas potion will make Lilith pregnant because I think Lilith and Dustin are going to... you know... XD

    Also I think that Cassandra will see Don again but tell him that they can only be friends. I don't see them getting back together.

  5. Thanks Brandon, and nice hypothesizing ;) I'll tell you that you are right in some ways and wrong in some ways. Thanks for the comment :D

  6. 1) If cassandra and don get back together, i will murder Don in his sleep. Maybe u could have her give him a piece of her mind so he finally sees what he does to women

    2) I don't think Mary-Sue will be giving Nina a "chance" when she finds out that she's got a thing for Daniel :)

    3) I also picked up a hint that Leo has a thing for Mary-Sue

    4) Once again, if Cassandra and Don get back together, I will murder Don in his sleep :)

  7. LOL! Don's days may be numbered then? I love your ideas G-Raff, you may be right ... but then again you may be wrong :( Thanks for the comment :D

  8. I agree with Brandon.But also I think that she needs to make something happen with darren. Don is a cheater so once a cheater always a cheater. He's never going to change his ways, he just want what he can't have and seeing that cassandra had that drastic but much needed she's more desireble to Don and Mary-Sue need to just drop daniel and find someone else but not the garderner..its not a good look if she wants to be mayor and that Lilith...Aargh she just doing that to make Angela jealous. but anyway I can't wait to see what happen next=)

  9. Very wise statments indeed Ms5starchic23! I think you are 100% correct about Don, he's never going to change his ways ... or is he? :) Nice to see someone who is on Angela's side too, there's a lot of anti-Angela fans out there or should I say pro-Lilith? As for me I'm neutral I'm not for one or the other but I do sympathise with experiences they both have (how's that for sitting on the fence!) Thanks for your comment :)

  10. Wonderful work Doons!! I have loved your entire series! The train scenes were brilliant -- loved the set and the way you had the train moving. Interesting interpretation of the relationship Cassandra and Don had.

    I think Cassandra is going to stick with Darren. Don is IMO more engaging elsewhere. I dislike Cassandra, always have...she's a goody two-shoes if you ask me. I love your Dina...she's such a vixen and so irresistible. Really want to see more of her and maybe Malcolm Landgraab, her new business partner.

    Brilliant work as always! Your series has got me addicted!

  11. how much longer till the next episode?! cause i'm so excited to see what happens!!

  12. Annabelle - Thanks so much for your interesting comments! I was trying to show only the positives from Cassandra's relationship with Don, as that was all she was focusing on, often when we look back we only remember the good! Obviously at some point she will have to make a choice, but we have a little while to go before that point, which means there's drama to be had ;) I agree with you about Dina, I like her as a character because she is so interesting. In future episodes we will be seeing a lot more of Dina and Malcolm too - remember they have their launch for the night club coming up, that's going to be BIG! I keep putting hints in current episodes referring to it.

    Anonymous - I'm not sure when the next ep will be released, but it won't take as long as this one did ;)

  13. Well, I hope Cassandra & Don can be together with each other again. This will make Darren sad but it really makes the story interesting. It's up to you how you are going make the story.

    Love your series :)

  14. 1) Daniel and Nina
    2) Mary-Sue and Leo
    3) Angela and Dirk
    4) Lilith and Dustin
    5) Dina and Malcolm
    6) Cassandra and Don
    7) Bella and Mortimer
    8) Brandi and Darren
    9) Kaylynn and somebody else...
    Lol, let's hope Dina's child wasn't Don or Mortimer's.. maybe the other guy she met in her honeymoon with Mortimer. That's what I'm just suspecting. We will know everything in the future.

  15. What a beautiful episode! :)
    It's funny how Cassadra now has many doubts about Don...he rejected her because she was "ugly" but now that she has changed look he's again intrested. Cassandra should be worst than him and said:"I choose another guy because you had a roving eye when we were I don't trust you anymore".
    I hope that Lilith will be pregnant of Dustin and maybe in front of this tragedy her family would help her and see how they have made her feeling, rejecting this little girl...
    I hope you will understand, I didn't wrote something in English for a very long time so, maybe, my English is not very well :P
    Giorgia from Italy

  16. NO, NO, NO! Cassandra and Don can not be together.
    PLEZ! I mean Don dumped her because of the way she looked and he CHEATED!!! Darren always liked her. And make Bella come back that would be the icing on the cake.
    P.S. pleaz write back.

  17. Pleasantview 3.6 was really good and the train sequence was nice. I love Mary-Sue though shes very ambitous and this gardener Leo-well I cant wait to see what happens there he obviously is attracted to her and I hope Daniel gets caught with Kaylynn by Cassandra cause then she'll have another problem. Seeing Cassandra and Don getting back together might be interesting but I'd like to see her with Darren...either way I love it. I think that Nina and Daniel might kiss at the club opening and Lilith and Dustin's special evening will be a disaster via the potion.

    I hope 3.7 wont be a long wait :)

  18. Doons -- thanks for responding! You really did a great job in capturing her is so true that the negative aspects of our memories tend to fade away in the face of the pleasant ones, and that was completely apparent in the train sequence.

    I'm extremely excited for Dina and Malcolm's club opening! I remember a while ago you ended an episode with a heated glance between them...I think there's a lot of potential between Dina and Malcolm in terms of business and romance!Hoping there will be some sort of scandal at the club opening! ;) I'm also really curious as to where you are going with Dina/Nina's discussions of Bella and Alex's seeing her...were the Caliente sisters responsible for Bella's disappearance? I guess we'll see!

    And just wanted to add that your wonderful series has inspired me to start writing (not filming, I'm no good at that!) a Pleasantview story of my own.

  19. Lol, I don't understand why you guys hate Don so much. I wonder who will be with Don if Cassandra is with Darren..

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  21. I love the neutral point you displayed on showing their relationship. Don didn't reject Cassandra for her looks. The line "I forgotten about you and your beauty" was an obvious statement to counter that. He just has commitment issues, and after all this time, him seeing Cassandra was similar to taking in a breathe of fresh, but familiar air. He has meaningful feelings for her, but just flawed in a way that prohibits him from pursuing anything lifelong. And Cassandra loved the affectionate attention Don gave to her, which is why she wanted to marry him in the first place, probably she wanted a type of mutual love her immortal parents have. If she were to meet him, I'd say it's to just get closure, but we'll see.

    It's the Pleasants I'm most worried about right now. =(

  22. how much longer do you think it will be until the next episode is out?

  23. im_alice1995 - Wow, you are swimming against the tide ;) Most people want her to get back with Darren, well we'll see! Thanks for your comment.

    Calista - I like your options :)

    Giorgia - Ciao Giorgia :) thanks for your comment - your English is great!

    LightMist4 - lol! As always I can't give anything away but I think you'll be pleased with something in the future :)

    bebelanta32 - I think you might be right about the club opening ;) Thanks for your comment.

    Annabelle - You're welcome, and yes we will have to wait and see. I'm so excited you're going to write your own Pleasantview - if you want a place to share it come over to our new forum 'A Sim's Tale' you can see the link on my blog :)

    paragonXpersona - very thoughtful comments and I agree with your comments about Cassandra and Don's relationship. You should be worried about the Pleasants lol!

    Nick - Hi Nick, I have no idea. I've just got myself Late Night, so I'll be spending some fun time on that I'm afraid!

    Thanks for commenting everyone :)

  24. 1)Bella+Mortimer

  25. thanx for responding and i think i got your little hint ;-)
    but i have a idea for u...
    What if Brandi went out with Dustin's crime partner Gorden??? (I think that's his name)

    - LightMist4

  26. OMG You're alive!

    This episode was amazing! I loved the train sequence - your creativity amazes me every time (first the huge huge HUGE basement in Nostonia, now this... I like it lots)

    Meh... I'm not too keen on the whole Darren-Cassandra-Don love triangle... If she does decide to go back to Don, I hope it's for revenge more than for love... but if it happens to be for love, then hopefully Darren will find someone special :)

    I sense something between Mary-Sue and Leo XD

    I hope Dina doesn't get with Malcolm (with all due respect, she's a golddigger - not a romance sim!) - I personally ship Malcolm and Brandi together.

    NOOOOOOO, LILITH, DON'T!! Angela's going to do something very, very snarky...

    Anyways, great episode! Can't wait for the next (though hopefully, it won't take as long to appear?)

  27. Great episode!
    I am Hungary.
    Gordon King + Jessika Ebadi...

  28. OMG! you FINALLY put 3.6! u should release new episodes every week bcuz i love the show and sumtimes the wait is tooooooooooo long! and i cant wait to find out about dina and the baby!

  29. i agree with the person up ^ no affence but can u hurry up and stop posting ur videos like once every year? SERIOUSLY DUDE. ur show is really good but dont take advantage by leaving ur viwers by a thread waiting and waiting, and waiting........ i LOVE this show and im OBSESSED with it so please hurry cuz i want to see new episodes every week. im just a normal fan that is telling u sumthing to work on. not to be mean AT ALL. love the show.

  30. Cassandra+Don!

  31. Whens the new one comming?

  32. I must say I love your series! Everytime I watch an episode I want to play Pleasantview again! (Mary-Sue has just hired a gardner. It's just a tribute, nothing more!) The relationship with Cassandra and Don was very sweet and nice to see. I also thought Cassandra became prettier and prettier during the relationship, but that could be unintentional. Anyway, I loved it! (And Cassandra's house: WOW!) I think Darren's in for a misunderstanding in the future! As for Mary-Sue and the Gardener, I say he's eye candy and nothing more! But that look on his face seemed a bit suspicious, though it could be attraction. (See, your so good at this you have me analyzing Sims' expressions!) Now the thing I'm most worried about is Dustin. I'm hoping he won't go through with it. I just don't see him actually enjoying the relationship. I see him as a nice guy just caught up with Lilith's emotions. (Like their first kiss) But then again, he's a teenage boy. -_-. I don't know, I just can't forgive Lilith if she corrupts that poor boy, bless his heart! lol I'm half-kidding. Oh dear, I've gone so fangirl right here and there's so much more I want to say! I must stop myself (for now). Please keep up the work, I'm dying for the next episode!

  33. I'm dying for the next episode!