Sunday, September 16, 2012

Coming Soon ...

Pleasantview 3.8 is well and truly on its way.  It is called 'Winter Bites' and features quite a few of our local Pleasantview residents, although there is quite a focus on Darren Dreamer.

Here's some pics from the footage:

I've had a few issues while filming which has delayed the whole process, but I am on the homestretch now.  I can't say an exact date for release, but keep checking back over the next two-three weeks.  I hope to have it released asap.

I have also started work on a new Sims 3 series.  More to come on that later :)


  1. Hey Doons, the pictures look great! I'm looking forward so much to the next episode :)

    I wish you lot's of luck!

  2. Haha. I stare at the pictures and smile like an idiot! I'm so excited!

    Thank Doons :-)

  3. Hello Doons99p,

    every day I visit your blog and I am always happy when you hear something from you! First of all THANK YOU! Thank you for the next episode! :-) It will probably take a bit but let's not stress you only! good luck yet!

    much greetings from a big fan ;-)

  4. Well I find it amazing that between Nina and Daniel a little love story is born! I'm looking forward to the kiss! ^ ^ (If there is one)

  5. JAY! I'm so excited! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU :))

  6. Doons! September 30 is the five year anniversay of when you joined youtube! you should defo upload a special video or upload winter bites on that day! P.S. its my birthday Sep 30 aswell :L

  7. I'm so excited!! And Sunset Valley, do you have plans to continue it? That first episode was PERFECT!! *-*

  8. Thank you Doons! :) Honestly, nobody can create a sim series better than you! Your creativity and skill is amazing! :D

  9. I'm looking forward to it! I'd love you have your creativity skill! These pictures has such good graphics! Honestly, your sims series should appear on telly, there that good!

  10. Thanks JoJo and Laura, I appreciate your encouragement :) Can I say that if you are going to write a comment anonymously I like it if you leave a name? I don't want to sound like an old grump but I like good manners and internet etiquette, and I always appreciate a name with the comment. I am considering disallowing anonymous comments. Thanks all!

  11. Hey Doons,

    the photos look great! I'm really looking forward to the next episode. please keep it up! :-)


  12. I've never seen such a good sims videos like this! Wow!

    dana ;)

  13. Your Sims videos ROCK!


  14. Hey Doons, I'm really happy that you are back with the videos! Pleasantview is amazing, and I'm really curious about your new project :) I think you should continue Sunset Valley too, I want to know why Mortimer cried!

  15. Doons, love the pictures. I'm so looking forward to 3.8! Looks like its going to be a good one, just like the rest :)

    I was wondering when you're going to upload the rest of Dina and Mortimer's honeymoon, Angela's diary entry, or any other extras? I just love all things Pleasantview, your work is the best!


  16. Thanks for the replies and thanks for putting your names with comments, I appreciate it :)

    Nanda - I will be announcing more about the new project after the release of 3.8, so stay tuned as this will also relate to 'Sunset Valley'

    Greg - I will be having some time off soon and (after a short vacation) I will be putting more of the Honeymoon story up and yes I do intend to put Angela's diary entry up.

  17. Hey Doons, the pictures look very promising! Am really looking forward to 3.8!
    I think it's amazing that you want to publish Angela's diary!
    Then you learn a little more about her character :) I'm soo curious what will happen with Lillith and Dustin! And I wonder if Daniel is in love with Nina! Ahhh ... soo many questions! I just love your videos!
    Good Luck :)


  18. I am anxiously waiting! I am very excited that you have gotten your groove back for writing and filming Pleasantview and hopefully Sunset Valley will continue also! CAN'T WAIT! So excited!!!!!!!!

  19. finally someone who answer questions!


  20. Hello Doons99p,

    i find your videos amazing! and wanted to ask your opinion on how you think about this video. You are my role model and it would be an honor if you give me a feedback. It is a little blurry ... well it is my very first sims video. Thanks in advance!

    Ps: I'm really looking forward to the next episode :)


  21. Hey Doonsey!

    Bet I could get mine up before you! xD

    (joking) lololol


  22. Oh, you beat me! xD

    - Breakie

  23. Hey there. :) I just finished watching all the episodes of this series, and I've got to say, I'm really, really impressed - and hooked! The Pleasantview storyline is so deliciously soap opera-ish, and I'm happy to see you following it so closely while at the same time putting in so many of your own twists and touches. Awesome, awesome work, and I'm very happy you're continuing it!