Friday, September 28, 2012

Pleasantview (3.8) "Winter Bites"

Without further ado, here it is ...

This was fun to make in many ways, and it's been great to return to machinima.  But, it was also a headache at times.  Mainly because I have a new computer, new screen, new video software, and it all took a lot of getting used to.  I had to re-film some entire scenes due to some really basic errors on my part, so the whole thing took longer than expected.  But, I sat down this morning to finish my last scene and I also managed to get the sound done - which is always the last thing I do - so much to my surprise, I finished it!

3.8 is relatively short compared to my most recent episodes, and when I watched the finished product I found myself wanting more, so god knows what you guys will think!

Spoilers ahead:

What did you think about the ending?  Poor Darren, I really feel for him.  He is so nice, so gentle; whereas Lothario couldn't care less who he steps on, he obviously just cares for himself (doesn't he???).  Let's hope Cassandra can 'make the right choice' but I'm not promising anything ;)

If you're wondering what the 'night' is all about that Nina is referring to in her discussion with Daniel, it is the opening night of Dina's nightclub, Crypt O'.  It's gonna be a big night, and a big episode!

Lots to happen yet in season 3 - remember there are 12 episodes all up in this season.  I'll be making a start on 3.9 soon.

In the meantime, let me know what you think of this episode and ask any questions here.  I hope you enjoy :)


  1. wow! you did a good job doons! i like the video very much :)


  2. Doos! you're my hero! :) I've been looking forward so much to the episode, and I see now: THERE IS IT FINALLY! The video is great! But poor Darren, im so sorry for him :(

    I'm already looking forward to the next episode!
    Thanks! :)


  3. Doons, you're so talented! Your Sims videos are just incredible! I love Pleasantview and've seen the episodes already a thousand times! Really unbelievable ... These are simply the best sims 2 videos I've ever seen. No videos have me as much as you mentioned. The plot, the camera turns of ... everything! a very very good job!

    If spelling errors are,I'm sorry. but english is not my native language :)


  4. Oh Doons, so happy that you made a new Pleasantview episode!! You are the best The sims film maker in my opinion :D I'm going to watch it, but I need to finish watching the other episodes of this season first ^^ But hey, and Sunset Valley? The first episode was too good to be without continuation!

  5. I was so happy when I saw this!! I hated the ending D: it was very well done, but I want to punch Don in the face! I too hope that Cass chooses Darren. Also, I was really happy to hear that Angela's plan was working, cuz I'm on her side :) but I do feel bad for Dustin kind of cuz he loves his job and he has to quit it now. I think he should stand up for himself and say he's going to keep the job :) but I'm more indifferent on that and if I could only influence you one way I pick Darren&Cass :)

  6. Love Love It! Can't wait see more...Poor Darren, I hope he gets his girl. Don had his chance and he walked away!!!!!

  7. Doons! This was so great! I feel so bad for Darren...I really wasn't expecting to see her and Don get serious again. The scene with him throwing the bouquet in the trash was really well done.

    I'm also glad to see my predictions about Lillith were true (I'm on Team Angela).

    A couple of questions: Is that the same real estate agent who sold Cassandra her apartment? Am I right in suspecting something coming up between him and Jennifer? I hope not! The Burbs are the only wholesome family left in Pleasantview, lol!

    I'm so looking forward to 3.9! The club opening night should be a good one :D


  8. I'm very happy to see that you are all enjoying it :) Thanks for all the encouraging comments!

    Greg - I believe I can answer your questions:

    The real estate agent is the same one in PV 2.7, his name is Chuck Graham, he's a Downtown townie. I can allay your fears, there will be nothing going on between him and Jennifer as Chuck is gay and Jennifer is more interested in getting richer than romance ;)

  9. This, is the best part ever!
    I love it!


  10. Great Episode! Brings back the old feelings when I used to check your blog every single day for updates and waiting unpatiently for you to upload a new one! Love it! I am really glad you decited to continue, I must say, and I think everyone agrees- that you are the most talented sims 2 Series creator of all time. The downloads are well used and I love how you just stay close to the actual storyline, it's so recognizable!

    And as for the episode, I love how you are building up the tension between Darren and Don, I hope Cassandra doesn't make the same mistake as she did before! I have always thought Nina to be smarter than Dina, I hope she can resist Daniel's charms!

    I just can't wait for episode 3.9, I'm sure it'll be a good one!


  11. Yess! I love ur episode its so good i love plantveiw! I can't wait Lily is gonna have a baby aww i can't wait 3.9


  12. I am so glad you decided to continue with this series! Back when you posted that you were putting Pleasantview on the back burner permanently, I was so upset. So thanks for reconsidering! You are honestly so talented. I loved this episode and I'm excited for episodes to come(:

  13. Awesome episode! Glad you're back in action!

  14. klasse video! die szene mit dem blumenstrauß ist genial :)

  15. U no Cassransdra she hates Dina but Dina is her Aunt so why would she hate her auntie

    1. She's her aunt too, technically. Dina's first husband was Michael Bachelor, who was Bella's older brother

  16. Sooo cool video. Will you continue this?

  17. To be honest . I think Cassandra should have a had a child . Mortimer is around 52 most people get grandchildren around mid-to late 40s. So .... Cassandra is about 29 herself . She better get to steppin . Although she could have had one that we didn't know about through the big timespan you were gone? .. Anyways good as always doons ;)

  18. I enjoyed and loved this episode and I'm glad you're continuing the Pleasantview series. It makes me want to start playing the sims 2 again, I haven't played any sims game in like almost a year. But the sims 2 has a great storyline.

    But anyways have you thought of maybe making all the episodes first then upload them? would that work better for you?

    I loved seeing Nina, Don, Jennifer, and Angela. I'm so glad that Angela and Dirk's plan worked. Don was great in this episode please show more of him:D

    What was up with Jennifer and the real estate agent from 2.7? I almost thought I saw some kind of attraction or something. I noticed she is business savvy and ambitious like Mary-Sue. What's the real estate agent's name?

    Darren has became one of my least favorites over the series plus he looks silly with the green sunglasses. Doons will we ever see him without them?

    What about Dion is he going to come back?
    Are the Burbs having twins?
    What happened to Kaylynn? When will Daniel fire her face to face?

    Sorry for the long comment and for so many questions. Pleasantview is really good. And I can't wait to see 3.9!

  19. I was like "HELL YEA!" when it came out. I hope that Angela's plan works (also on team Angela). I feel so bad that Nina and Don are never going to be an "item" again. I also am swinging between Nina and Daniel, also Mary-Sue and Daniel. I like both girls, although I hate Kaylynn. And I hope Darren gets Cassandra back. Girl, you are making so much mystery that I can't stand it! (Just kidding NOT) What's with Jennifer and the agent? Is she getting her own cafe or something? I really hope that Dina is getting her baby dark-skinned (so that Mortimer will dump him, DUH), cause everyone hates her x) I'm like mega looking forward to the next Ep. Sorry for super long comment, and till next time, UP UP AND AWAY!


  20. Wow,it just feels so awesome to be watching a Doons Pleasantview episode! You said you were having some difficulties putting this episode together, but I was really impressed. The shots were really nice, especially Cassandra's house, and the camera movement looked very smooth and fluid. Really great job if you ask me. And poor Darren, the whole time I was thinking "Go back, bang on that door, and talk to Cassandra! Be that contender!" Oh, you helpless guy. But I'm sure Cassandra can "resist" Don. And Angela is making her future family reunions really awkward by (my guess) getting her sister knocked up by Dustin! Though looking at the current state of the family, reunions do not seem likely!
    There's just so much to talk about, but mostly I'm just really happy and grateful you're back and continuing this fantastic series. Great job! Can't wait for the next episode. :)


  21. I have written this in comments to Pleasantview 3.7 on YT, but I must ask agin-will you continue this? I love Pleasantview. I did movies about this town, but... I can't call this succes.Pleasedo more vieos, I really love them!!!